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16TB of your own private cloud The new WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra provides up to 16TB of on-premise or private cloud.
There's still a place for tiered storage: Oracle Despite storage vendors' apparent focus on all-flash arrays, multiple tiers of storage still have a role to play according to Oracle.
Restore anything to Microsoft Azure with Veeam The move to Hybrid cloud will accelerate and with it always on enterprise – availability becomes a critical issue.
Revera cloud uses lighter than air Helium Revera, New Zealand's leading cloud services provider, has installed the HGST Active Archive System as its cloud-scale data repository, Revera Vault.
Seagate reveals its core Drive strategies Hard disk drives (HDD) have long been the staple of computing devices – from notebooks to data centres. Recently Flash NAND or solid state drives…
Panasonic’s Blu-ray data archiver extends lifespan of stored by ‘by up to 40 years’ Panasonic has launched ‘an optical disk-based data archival solution which extends the lifespan of stored data by up to 40 years’, dramatically lowering costs.
Pure Storage goes scale-out with FlashBlade Pure Storage is taking aim at the unstructured data and big data markets with a new model designed to take on and beat legacy scale-out…
HPE accelerates all-flash data centre adoption Consolidation, cost reduction and greater performance of an all-flash data centre can reduce IT budgets by 33% while improving business agility.

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