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Google comes under renewed pressure over email warrant

Google is coming under renewed pressure from the US Government in a case over its refusal to turn over email stored abroad in response to a warrant from the Department of Justice.

NSA forced to back down in fight over encryption algorithms

Cryptography experts from a number of countries have forced the US National Security Agency to reverse its stance on two data encryption algorithms that it wanted to set as global industry standards.

SMBs share in $8.75 million in government grants

Government grants totalling $8.75 million will be shared by nine small- to medium-sized businesses to help them develop and test their innovative solutions to public sector challenges.

Facebook still booking most Australian revenue in Ireland, US

Facebook has told a standing committee of the Australian Senate that it booked a vast majority of its Australian income for 2016 outside the country.

Google makes offer on shopping sites in bid to avoid EU fine

Facing an EU deadline of 28 September to come up with a solution to the charge of using its search engine dominance to favour itself in its comparison shopping service, Google has made an offer to display rival shopping sites through a bidding process.

EFF quits W3C over decision to accept EME as Web standard

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has resigned from the World Wide Web Consortium after the latter announced it was accepting the published Encrypted Media Extensions as a Web standard.

EU seeks 'permanent' solution to tech firms' tax avoidance

Finance ministers from EU countries have offered cautious support for a plan to draft new tax rules for multinational technology companies like Google and Facebook.

More EU states back big tech paying tax on revenue

Nine European Union countries have supported a move to tax big multinational technology companies on their revenue, and not profits.

Australian Govt noncommittal on Kaspersky ban

The Australian Government says it is not making any recommendation on the use or otherwise of products from Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky chief to front US Congress on 27 Sept

The co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, Eugene Kaspersky, has accepted an invitation to testify before US Congress after the company's products were banned from use by US Government agencies.

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