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ABC digital services would be hit by sell-off: claim

Digital services like the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's iView program, which enables Australians to catch up on viewing programs they have missed, could be affected if the organisation is privatised as called for in a motion by federal council of the Liberal Party on Friday, the Australian Labor Party claims.

Michael Keenan, Minister for Digital Transformation

Australia is on the road to becoming one of the world’s top three countries for digital delivery of government services by 2025, according to the Minister for Digital Transformation, Michael Keenan.

John Lord: "...we're not really getting any concerns expressed to us at all, other than reports in the media."

Huawei Australia chairman John Lord says the company has not been officially advised either way about its bid to participate in Australia's 5G rollout, even as reports claimed that the company would be excluded.

European Parliament recommends ban on Kaspersky software

The problems facing Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab have increased, with the European Parliament passing a motion on cyber security wherein it referred to Kaspersky Lab's software as having been confirmed to be malicious. It did not provide any source for this claim.

Australia, Solomons to sign deal on undersea cable first stage

Australia and the Solomon Islands will sign a deal on Wednesday for the first stage of construction of an undersea cable system linking the Solomons and Papua New Guinea to Sydney. It will cost Australian taxpayers in excess of $100 million in toto.

ZTE shares set to start trading after deal with US

Chinese telecommunications company ZTE Corporation is set to start trading on Wednesday, after it agreed to an 8 June deal with the US to pay a fine of US$1 billion and overhaul its management in order to lift a ban on doing business with American suppliers.

US pollies want to examine Google-Huawei deals

Politicians in the US have started taking a close look at the relationship between search behemoth Google and Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, with the move coming soon after Google said it would not be renewing a deal to help the Pentagon improve its drone targeting.

EU may hit Google with Android anti-trust fine in July: report

Search giant Google is likely to face another hefty anti-trust fine from the European Union in July, this time over its Android mobile operating system.

US announces deal to put ZTE back in business

The United States has agreed to a deal which will put Chinese telecommunications company ZTE Corporation back in business in the country, with the company agreeing to pay a US$1 billion fine and overhaul its leadership in order to lift a ban on doing business with American suppliers.

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