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Total bitcoin value exceeds cash in UK, Canada, Australia The current value of the digital currency bitcoin is estimated at US$180 billion, exceeding the total cash in circulation in the UK and a number…
Digital currency exchange users unable to withdraw money Users of the Las Vegas-based digital currency trading platform Bittrex have been unable to withdraw money from the company, and are complaining that they have…
JAMF now integrates with Apple School Manager JAMF is an Apple-only implementation and management company that helps enterprise, business and education integrate Apple products into their environment.
VCE VxRack fills gap between converged blocks and appliances The new VCE VxRack hyper-converged systems scale from dozens to thousands of servers with tens of petabytes of storage.
SimpliVity promises simpler, cheaper virtualisation SimpliVity's hardware accelerator based approach eliminates the need for special-purpose appliances, the company claims.
Parallels releases Raspberry Pi RDP client A Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client for the Raspberry Pi has been released by Parallels, allowing the low-cost hardware to be used to present virtual…
Citrix CloudBridge Virtual WAN aggregates cheaper WAN links Citrix CloudBridge Virtual WAN Edition can bond multiple consumer-grade connections into a business-grade connection at lower cost.

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