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Researchers from Flinders University say they have used marine sponges to develop a new means of reading complex microbial populations, and the same technique could…
Australian farmers are being helped in their efforts to keep the fruit fly away from their crops by RapidAIM, a real-time monitoring system that detects…
The CSIRO has developed a new system to tackle illegal fishing by using a notification system that alerts authorities when offending vessels arrive in port.
An Internet of Things (IoT) systems and energy harvesting solutions provider has devised an autonomous, wireless solar tag for enabling precision agriculture and smart irrigation.
Australia’s science sector contributes more than a quarter of Australia’s economic output, with a newly released report showing that advances in the physical, mathematical and…
Monday, 25 August 2014 15:43

Hobart gains new oceanographic technology

Australia's national science agency CSIRO has announced a new class oceanographic research instrument, TRIAXUS, has touched down in Hobart.
Tuesday, 20 May 2014 10:54

CSIRO launches soil contamination detector

A handheld detector that reduces both the cost and time taken to remediate sites contaminated by petroleum products has been launched to market in the…
The body raises its temperature to fight the flu. Pain killers tend to return the temperature to 'normal.'
Monday, 02 September 2013 14:25

Researchers tap into the butterfly effect

An international research team has taken inspiration from the humble butterfly, mimicking microscopic structures in its wings to develop a new device that could make…
The US Supreme Court has ruled that genes cannot be patented, but there's more to it than that.



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