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Assange sues Ecuador over alleged violation of rights

20 October 2018 in Strategy

WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange has filed a lawsuit against Ecuador, accusing the government of violating his fundamental rights and freedoms.

Tim Cook calls on Bloomberg to retract China spying story

20 October 2018 in Security

Apple chief executive Tim Cook has taken the unusual step of asking Bloomberg to retract a story it published earlier…

Encryption bill: Consultation? What consultation, asks CA's Stanton

20 October 2018 in Government Tech Policy

Communications Alliance chief John Stanton has questioned the Federal Government's claims about having consulted widely before drafting its encryption bill,…

Scott Morrison's website taken over after domain name expires

19 October 2018 in Security

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison's personal website has been taken over by an unknown person and is playing a song…

Over the Wire inks agreements to buy Access Digital Networks, Comlinx

19 October 2018 in Telecoms & NBN

ASX-listed telecommunications, cloud and IT solutions provider Over the Wire has inked binding agreements to acquire all the shares in…

ACCC hits hard with $170m in penalties for consumer law breaches

19 October 2018 in Technology Regulation

The communications and telecommunications sector, including major telcos like Telstra, was under the glare of the spotlight of the competition…

S&P says 5G no magic bullet to solve telcos' NBN issues

19 October 2018 in Telecoms & NBN

The advent of 5G networks will not provide any kind of salvation for telecommunications providers who are desperate for some…

DTA, cyber expert at odds over GovPass analysis

19 October 2018 in Government Tech Policy

The author of a detailed analysis on the Federal Government's proposed identity scheme, GovPass — a trial of which is…

ACCC green light for Cabcharge acquisition of MTI

18 October 2018 in Listed Tech

The competition watchdog, the ACCC, is not opposing the proposed $6.6 million acquisition of taxi dispatch systems company Mobile Technologies…

Motorola locks up $17.3 million deal with Victoria Police

18 October 2018 in Deals

Motorola Solutions is delivering new number plate recognition and in-car video technology to Victoria Police under a five-year, state-wide $17.3…

NEC secures NSW Telco Authority communications contract

18 October 2018 in Deals

ICT solutions and services giant NEC has secured a contract to deliver Microwave backhaul, network management systems and ongoing support,…

Why did YouTube go down yesterday?

18 October 2018 in Entertainment

Video sharing site YouTube suffered a global outage yesterday leaving many insufferably starved of content. Why did it happen?

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Berners-Lee promotes Solid foundation for collaborative software

20 October 2018 in Strategy

Web founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee is working on a new approach to data storage that puts control back in the…

Veritas appoints tech veteran Abel as CIO

19 October 2018 in People Moves

Data protection and software-defined storage company Veritas Technologies has appointed  25-year technology veteran John Abel as senior vice-president and chief…

Ultradata, G&C Mutual Bank extend partnership

19 October 2018 in Strategy

Australian banking solutions supplier Ultradata has committed to extend its partnership with G&C Mutual Bank for the delivery of technology…

Is the iPhone Optus sells different from what others sell?

19 October 2018 in Mobile devices

ANALYSIS Is the iPhone that Optus is selling in any way different from the one that Telstra, or for that…

SUSE deepens ties with Alibaba Cloud

19 October 2018 in Cloud

Germany-based open source company SUSE Linux has expanded its relationship with Chinese provider Alibaba Cloud due to what it says…

US start-up sues Huawei over alleged theft of SSD technology

19 October 2018 in Storage & Cloud Storage

A California-based start-up named CNEX Labs has sued Chinese telecommunications equipment firm Huawei Technologies, alleging that the latter has engaged…

Move afoot to strip Assange of Ecuadorian citizenship

19 October 2018 in Strategy

Ecuador is making moves to try and strip WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange of his citizenship, granted last year, in order…

Google wants to do business in Australia, but pay no tax

19 October 2018 in Open Sauce

Google's chief economist Dr Hal Varian is of the opinion that his employer should not pay "excessive" tax on its…

Trio of scientists develop method to track fruit flies

19 October 2018 in Biology

Australian farmers are being helped in their efforts to keep the fruit fly away from their crops by RapidAIM, a…

Cryptomining on the rise in Aust, NZ, claims Malwarebytes

19 October 2018 in Security

The fall in the value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has led to a fall in the planting of cryptomining…

A Dinner with YOW! Speakers – Celebrating 10 years

18 October 2018 in Strategy

SPONSORED NEWS It's YOW's 10th anniversary this year and we would like to celebrate with you.  YOW! proudly invites you…

Facebook and Google censor sites to curry political favour

18 October 2018 in Open Sauce

Facebook and Google appear to be using the hysteria in the US over alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential…

Old 'Chinese' malware reappears in new campaign

18 October 2018 in Security

Security vendor McAfee has detected the re-use of code associated with Chinese military affiliated hacker group APT1, aka Comment Crew.

New Zealand’s Container Door launches in Australia

18 October 2018 in Market

New Zealand ecommerce company Container Door has launched in Australia, with its platform linking consumers directly to foreign factories on…

Govt to amend copyright act to block infringing sites

18 October 2018 in Government Tech Policy

The Coalition Government will introduce changes to the copyright law on Thursday, to give creative industries what it calls "even…

Luminosity Link trojan author gets 30 months in jail

18 October 2018 in Security

The man who developed and sold a Windows remote access trojan known as Luminosity Link has been sentenced to 30…

Cultural fit is as important as technical fit, says GitHub VP

18 October 2018 in The Wired CIO

How do you build, and then protect, the right company culture? According to Merritt Anderson, the answer is you work…

Amazon employee asks Bezos to decide between 'people and profits'

18 October 2018 in Technology Regulation

An anonymous Amazon employee has called on the company's leadership to stop selling its facial recognition software, Rekognition, to law…


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