Guest Opinion: There has been an amplification of cybersecurity challenges sparked by the pandemic, and IT and cybersecurity teams have been at the forefront of organisational demands in almost every industry. With 57 per cent of Australian IT teams saying the number of cyberattacks have increased during 2020, cybersecurity should no longer be looked at as merely a risk management measure; it’s an essential part of any business strategy.

Despite getting its butt seriously kicked by AMD, Apple, TSMC and others, Intel is still the world's biggest maker of CPUs for traditional computers, and it has announced its first new transistor architecture is more than a decade, along with an "industry-first" for backside power delivery and "continued leadership in advanced 3D packaging innovations," along with its first customer announcements for its Intel Foundry Services (IFS).

COMPANY NEWS Claroty, a leader in industrial cybersecurity, launches Team82, its new research arm dedicated to threat research reports, policies, and disclosures. It recently published a report that details vulnerabilities in cloud-based management platforms and the need to secure implementations.

Business software provider Zoho is lending its online invoicing software Zoho Invoice for free to help small and medium businesses and freelancers with their invoice processing.

GitHub today announced its suite of supply chain features is now available for the Go programming language. This includes the GitHub security database with over 150 Go advisories, Dependabot alerts and updates, and dependency graph which provides information to alert for vulnerable dependencies.

The Discord chat system is being increasingly targeted by the malware fraternity, according to security vendor Sophos

Linking platform Linktree has selected data cloud company Snowflake to support its business intelligence and analytics activities.

Adobe has announced two more APIs within Adobe Document Services.

The company that operates the world's biggest single hydrocarbon network has admitted that it suffered a data leak, which it blamed on third-party contractors.

The Ministry of Business Innovation, and Employment chooses software company Link4 as one of the four access point providers to accelerate its e-invoicing adoption. The adoption of e-invoice could add $4.4 billion to the NZ economy in over ten years, the company says.




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