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The Debian GNU/Linux community Linux distribution has just completed the 13th and final update of its old stable distribution Stretch. The point release only adds…
Veteran free software and open source developer Michael Meeks has expanded on the issues faced by the LibreOffice project which were briefly touched on by…
The Debian GNU/Linux project has announced that its distribution known as Jessie or version 8 has reached the end of its long-term support period on…
The foundation that looks after LibreOffice, a free open-source software suite that is based on the code from the former Star Office, is being forced…
Linux creator Linus Torvalds has expressed the hope that Intel's newly released AVX-512 extensions would "die a painful death" adding that the company should start…
New Debian GNU/Linux project leader Jonathan Carter is seeking to celebrate individual achievements as part of his effort to better publicise the project, one of…
Linux creator Linus Torvalds has signed off on a change to terminology used by the project in order to make it more inclusive.
Germany-based open source company SUSE has acquired enterprise Kubernetes management vendor Rancher Labs in order to strengthen its position in the container market.




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