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Intelligent identity and access security specialist BeyondTrust has revealed enhancements to BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Unix and Linux and BeyondTrust Active Directory Bridge.

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Thursday, 17 November 2022 21:46

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.1 released

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 9.1 has now hit general availability, adding and refining capabilities for a wide range of enterprise IT needs, from helping to streamline complex infrastructure environments to improving the security stance of containerised applications.

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Linux creator Linus Torvalds says a discussion over removing support for i486 was triggered by something not directly related, but that just touched on a similar area.

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Five Wi-Fi vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel have been patched and a new stable kernel, 5.10.148, released by stable kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman. The patches have also been included in the latest release, 6.1, by Linux creator Linus Torvalds.

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Laptops which are built atop Intel's 12th generation Core processors are affected by a bug in version 5.19.12 of the Linux kernel, according to a post from an Intel Linux engineer on Tuesday.

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Linux creator Linus Torvalds says the initial merging of support for the Rust programming language in the Linux kernel should happen with the 6.1 release.

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It's August, so it's time for a new version of Parallels Desktop. The latest release of the company's popular virtualisation software – Parallels Desktop 18 – features support for the newest Macs and preliminary support for macOS Ventura.

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British security researcher Kevin Beaumont has listed details about a backdoor that is claimed to infect Linux systems, with the consulting firm PwC having documented it as well. Both claim the threat emanates from China.

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Microsoft, the company that produces Windows which is the target of practically every ransomware attack, is now offering paid products to fight those very ransomware attacks.

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Microsoft has issued a long write-up about flaws that could lead to escalation of privilege on Linux systems, which it has collectively called Nimbuspwn, but failed to mention that none of these flaws can be exploited remotely.

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The head of Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution, claims it recorded a profit of US$175 million (A$237.7 million) in 2021 and is likely to undertake an IPO in 2023.

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IBM's new z16 mainframe features an integrated on-chip AI accelerator, allowing inferencing from real-time transactions.

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Thursday, 17 March 2022 11:12

Three candidates in running to be Debian leader

Three developers have put their hands up to contest for the post of leader of the Debian GNU/Linux project, an annual exercise for the community GNU/Linux distribution.

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A serious vulnerability in the Linux kernel has been announced, with the researcher who discovered and reported it saying it "allows overwriting data in arbitrary read-only files. This leads to privilege escalation because unprivileged processes can inject code into root processes".

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Identity and security specialist Attivo Networks says its new ADSecure-DC product provides threat protection from attacks originating from Windows. Mac, Linux, IoT/OT devices, and unmanaged devices which are limited in their ability to run traditional endpoint protection software.

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Tuesday, 11 January 2022 10:38

Logitech Signature M650: a mouse for all hands

Logitech's latest mouse comes in two sizes and left and right handed configurations.

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The new release of the Progress Fiddler Everywhere web debugging proxy tool includes support for HTTP/2.

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GUEST RESEARCH: Embedded devices with limited memory and storage resources are likely to leverage a tool such as BusyBox, which is marketed as the Swiss Army Knife of embedded Linux. BusyBox is a software suite of Unix utilities, known as applets, that are packaged as a single executable file.

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