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COMPANY NEWS: Pure-play cloud native security provider Aqua Security has announced its ranking as an outperformer and leader in innovation in the GigaOm Radar for Container Security.

The report highlights key vendors in container security, defines criteria for evaluating solutions and validates that Aqua is the leader and innovator in cloud native security.

GigaOm analysts evaluated 11 vendors, and according to the report the Aqua Cloud Native Security Platform ranked highest in innovation. The report notes that "the depth of integration among the services, along with the breadth of container security-specific functionality, is a strength for this platform, and few competitors are as zeroed in and as comprehensive."

According to GigaOm, "The Aqua Platform's implementation is well done. Most customers will find the product zeroes in on all the right things to lock down the container environment. If it is a likely need in the average enterprise's container security or compliance strategy, Aqua supports it."

"Aqua is the pioneer in container security and has led the evolving cloud native security market since its inception in 2015," said Aqua senior vice president of strategy Rani Osnat.

"Container security is a key ingredient of our platform and its ability to stop attacks on cloud native applications and infrastructure. This report showcases our team's innovation in securing container-based applications from development to production and highlights the differentiated capabilities that set us apart from competitors and deliver the most value to customers."

The infrastructure surrounding containers is complex on many levels. Aqua's integrated platform offers full lifecycle container security protection and groundbreaking Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM). Its hallmark capabilities reduce risk and prove compliance of containerised applications, harden Kubernetes clusters, mitigate attacks and protect containers across all platforms and formats.

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Machine identity specialist Venafi's latest product is TLS Protect for Kubernetes. It works with the Venafi Control Plane to manage cloud native machine identities, such as TLS, mTLS and SPIFFE, across all of an enterprise's multi-cloud and multi-cluster Kubernetes environments.

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GUEST OPINION: A key digital transformation goal for many organisations is to move faster. For developers, that means releasing new features or upgrades to customers quicker.

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Friday, 18 November 2022 11:05

Red Hat migration toolkit goes GA

Red Hat's Konveyor-based Migration Toolkit for Applications 6 is now generally available.

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COMPANY NEWS: Nutanix, a leader in hybrid multicloud computing, today announced new features in its Cloud Platform to accelerate the adoption of Kubernetes running both at scale and cost-effectively. The company announced broad support for leading Kubernetes container platforms, built-in infrastructure as code capabilities, and enhanced data services for modern applications. These new features allow DevOps teams to accelerate application delivery with the performance, governance, and flexibility of the Nutanix Cloud Platform, while allowing customers to maintain control of their IT operating costs.

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Kubernetes backup and disaster recovery specialist Kasten by Veeam has released Kasten by Veeam K10 V5.5, featuring new capabilities to support autonomous operations and cloud native expansion.

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Thursday, 20 October 2022 11:29

cert-manager graduates to CNCF incubating project

COMPANY NEWS: Venafi, the inventor and leader of machine identity management today announced that the open source cert-manager project has graduated to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) incubation program. The incubation program will help cert-manager widen its community of contributors, expand to new use cases, improve extensibility and advance developer and user experience.

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GUEST RESEARCH: Venafi, the inventor and leading provider of machine identity management, today announced the findings of new research that evaluates the complexity of cloud environments and its impact on cybersecurity. The study found that 75% of organisations have experienced a cloud-related security incident over the last 12 months, with more than one in three (37%) suffering at least four incidents. The underlying issue for these security incidents is the dramatic increase in security and operational complexity connected with cloud deployments. And, since the organisations in this study currently host two fifths (39%) of their applications in the cloud but expect increase to 57% over the next 18 months, this complexity will continue to increase.

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VMware is more relevant than ever, says CEO Raghu Raghuram. The company is positioning itself as the centre of the multicloud universe, a move it says will place it at the forefront of app development for the next decade of computing.

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VMware and NetApp announced today the expansion of the two companies' longstanding global alliance, with innovative solutions and go-to-market initiatives to help customers reduce the cost, complexity, and risk of migrating and modernising enterprise-class workloads in multi-cloud environments.

Thursday, 18 August 2022 14:37

Aqua Security’s Trivy adds CSPM capabilities

COMPANY NEWS: Aqua Security, the leading pure-play cloud native security provider, today announced the addition of cloud security posture management (CPSM) capabilities to the open source tool Aqua Trivy.

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GUEST OPINION: With large-scale cloud-native deployments becoming more prevalent, enterprises are trying to bring greater efficiency and speed to cloud-native security. To achieve this, they are moving to shift security left, implementing intelligent automation, cloud security posture management (CSPM), and cloud workload protection platforms (CWPPs).

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GUEST OPINION: Kelsey Hightower, a software engineer with Google well known as a Kubernetes advocate, has explained the role of Kubernetes in the management and execution of software by drawing parallels with the postal service.

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COMPANY NEWS: Aqua Security, the leading pure-play cloud native security provider, today announced a strategic partnership with CMD Solutions (CMD) to support customers looking to secure their cloud native applications, from build through to runtime, on AWS.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2022 10:48

DevOps engineers find time to innovate

GUEST OPINION: Development teams are increasingly transitioning to agile software development and DevOps to deliver business value faster.

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GUEST OPINION: Keen to speed up innovation and achieve a competitive edge, increasing numbers of Australian organisations are turning to cloud-native architectures and DevOps practices. The logic is that this will allow faster development cycles and give the ability to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

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COMPANY NEWS: Sysdig, the unified container and cloud security leader, announced the availability of Sysdig Advisor, a Kubernetes troubleshooting feature that consolidates and prioritises relevant performance details in Sysdig Monitor.

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Kasten by Veeam's K10 V5.0 Kubernetes data management platform focuses on risk management strategy and streamlined CI/CD pipelines.

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GUEST OPINION: Companies are adopting cloud native technologies faster than ever before. With new technology comes new threats and challenges, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing an increasing number of cyber threats targeting cloud native environments.

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