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According to a 2010 U.S. study performed in Indiana, people are not really sure about the definition of sex. The researchers concluded that there is…
Friday, 05 March 2010 09:55

Will your brain like a new commercial?

Two U.S. researchers are speculating on the popularity of the new field of neuromarketing, which is a high-tech way for marketers to find out what…
Friday, 26 February 2010 02:02

NaYF4 nanocrystals used for 3D displays

According to recent studies in 3D-display technology, Singapore researchers have developed a simple method to control the growth of NaYF4 nanocrystals.
Thursday, 25 February 2010 01:37

Abydosaurus mcintoshi is new dino species

A new dinosaur species has been discovered at Dinosaur National Monument near Jensen, Utah, U.S.A. The 105 million-year-old discovery is of a plant-eating dinosaur that…
Friday, 19 February 2010 11:31

Cheap biodegradable plastic wrap developed

A team of scientists from the United Kingdom has developed an inexpensive way to produce plastic wrap material that is also biorenewable and biodegradable. You…
Tuesday, 09 February 2010 01:01

Science to Inspire Australia

The "Inspiring Australia" report was released by the Australian government for the purpose of bringing science to the national forefront. Many projects are planned, such…
Sunday, 07 February 2010 02:53

Betting on Super Bowl may addict you

According to a Gallup Lifestyle Poll, you have a small chance of becoming addicted to gambling if you keep on placing your bets on such…
Thursday, 04 February 2010 01:06

Artificial silk could be the bee's knees

Australian scientists are striving to make artificial honeybee silk. And, if they accomplish it, human-made insect silk would be made into tough and lightweight products…
Wednesday, 03 February 2010 02:01

Obese boys may remain boys longer

According to a U.S. study, boys who are obese reach puberty later than normal-weight boys. However, the researchers behind the study are uncertain about the…
Wednesday, 03 February 2010 00:58

Genetically modified forests coming to U.S.

Two paper manufacturing companies are hoping to introduce genetically modified eucalyptus trees into the southeastern parts of the United States. The trees can produce more…



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