Broadband (6)

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An analysis of over 1.1 billion broadband speed tests has revealed that the UK ranks globally at 35th place with an average speed of 72.06Mbps, according to research designed and compiled by broadband, TV, and mobile price comparison research firm Cable.

Singapore has the fastest internet speed in the world with a median speed of 207.61Mbps, followed by Chile at 200.01Mbps and Thailand at 189.64Mbps, according to an analysis by BanklessTimes.

New Zealand regulator The Commerce Commission has filed proceedings at the High Court in Auckland against Callplus Services Limited, Orcon Limited and Switch Utilities Limited – all subsidiaries of the Australian fibre and network solution provider Vocus Group - over allegations of failing to adequately disclose early termination fees of between $130 and $250 when entering uninvited direct sale agreements with consumers for broadband and power services between 17 June 2014 and 20 June 2020.  

Australia’s telecoms industry association, the Telecommunications Society (TelSoc), has put its support behind the Federal Government’s creation of the Broadband Advisory Council which the government says is designed to ‘maximise’ the country’s economic upside and increase digital connectivity.

Most New Zealanders are able to reliably stream high-definition video, such as Netflix and YouTube, most of the time, according to the competition regulator, The Commerce Commission, which says fibre performs the best in delivering video streaming services to consumers.

Australia’s Satellite Services Working Group of the Communications Alliance has joined the Global Satellite Coalition, a grouping of the world’s leading satellite industry associations.