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While the ethernet market has been growing at a breakneck pace, the full potential has yet to be realised

Global data centre operator, Equinix, has launched the Equinix Carrier Ethernet Exchange, a global service that enables the exchange of data traffic between different providers of ethernet services.

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Telstra International Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) has formed a partnership with South African company, Internet Solutions, that will expand the reach of both parties' MPLS network coverage. In particular it will enable Telstra to provide better connectivity into Africa for its multinational corporate customers.

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You’d have to be bird-brained to think that South Africa’s broadband speeds are anything but atrocious, after a carrier pigeon strapped with a data card beat the country’s leading internet service provider.

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Reliance Globalcom is boasting of strong growth for its global managed network service, developed from the business of the former Vanco virtual global network operator, acquired in May 2008.

Major players in the global telecommunications network services market are competing fiercely to move up the value chain with announcements of new initiatives appearing in rapid succession. Now Orange Business Services is staking its claim for leadership in a new, emerging market: the provision and support for machine-to-machine communications across national boundaries for multinational corporations.

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Tuesday, 10 March 2009 00:55

BT launches global Intelligent VPN service

BT has launched its MPLS-based Intelligent Virtual Private Network (iVPN) service in 172 countries, billing it as the first service for global enterprise customers launched on its global 21CN network.

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One area of telecoms that does not seem to have been hit by the world's financial troubles is the global networking industry, with AT&T the latest global player to announce plans for major investment in its network during 2009.

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Verizon Business is rolling out a new single-source model for the procurement of customer premises equipment (CPE) and other support services in 122 countries and territories that it says will provide multinational enterprises with a simpler, cost-effective way to build, support and manage their global networks.

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Since Specsavers, the largest privately owned optical group in the world, entered the Australian retail market last year it has rolled out 163 retail stores, all with broadband Internet access for connections to head office. To achieve this it has relied on the multicarrier approach provided by Reliance Globalcom.

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After investing $US17.2b in 2008 to expand its global network, Verizon Business says it is planning further expansion during 2009 in nearly every part of the world.

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U.K./U.S./Finland researchers conclude—in the first-of-its-kind study—that satellite navigation systems can fail due to the magnetic activity of the Northern Lights.

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The US Department of Homeland Security and China Telecom will cooperate with other carriers and academic laboratories in a global test of next generation network (NGN) interoperability later this year.

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India's Reliance Communications' subsidiary, Reliance Globalcom, has acquired ailing UK based virtual network operator Vanco for $US76.9 million.

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Telstra has worked with Alcatel-Lucent to lay a 9,000 kilometre submarine cable between Hawaii and Australia, giving up to 1.28 Terabits per second of connectivity between the two countries.

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Computer viruses and worms are incredibly good at spreading themselves across the Internet, merrily infecting PCs with their dastardly payloads. But what if that payload was beneficial, rather than harmful? A Microsoft Research paper suggests these ‘friendly worms’ could be helpful – but Sophos says this is pure ‘nonsense’ – and on this we heartily agree!

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Telstra appears to have scored a coup over the global players in the international network services market, winning a contract to provide MPLS services in the Asian region to Aicent, a US company that provides inter-network roaming services for many of the world's largest cellular operators.
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NOAA announced on January 4, 2008 that the first sunspot (identified as #10,981) has been spotted on the Sun’s northern hemisphere. The sighting introduces a new eleven-year sunspot cycle (Sunspot Cycle 24) that will no doubt periodically disrupt power and communications here on Earth.               
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On Tuesday, December 25, 2007, Russia successfully launched a Proton-M rocket that carried three satellites into orbit as part of its GLONASS (global navigation satellite system).           
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Boeing’s Connexion in-flight broadband service was so good people were even able to use Skype for voice calls, but as the service was too expensive to operate it was shut down in mid 2006. Now, a form of in-flight Internet is coming back to US skies in December 07, with real web access finally coming to more US airlines in 2008.
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Sunday, 02 December 2007 17:08

World on the brink global cyber warfare?

The latest annual security report from McAfee has singled out China as a particularly virulent source of international cyber espionage, with a number of Western nations said to have experienced significant episodes in the past year. However, there is evidence to suggest that a far more sinister online threat could be around the corner from nations other than China - state sponsored cyber attacks on vital infrastructure.

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