I'd like to start a series of puzzles for our readers. Some will require cunning and insight, others sheer brain power. The first one (below)…
uVent, the official site for whingers officially came out of beta today. Let the whining commence.
It was probably unintentional, and almost certainly the result of globalisation, but the outcome was a misrepresentation of the facts around the availability of 4G…
Basically, the tale is garbage! It's a nice rock, but it certainly doesn't appear to be a meteorite.
As an App developer, if you can't afford extensive legal advice, it's best that your EULA asks for permission to do everything.
Monday, 27 February 2012 17:36

Damn that asset list!

Too often it seems, the incumbent equipment is top of mind when a vendor proposes some phantastical new solution.
It would seem that when the rules of copyright are rigorously applied, common sense goes out the window.
I've been asked to speculate on the appearance and effect of an eruption (should it ever occur) in the volcanoes immediately south and east of…
Thursday, 05 January 2012 23:47

PayPal orders antique violin destroyed

Following the reporting of a dispute as to the authenticity of an antique violin, PayPal demanded the buyer destroy the item and provide photographic proof.…




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