The Australian Bureau of Meteorology says it has fixed the issues that prevented users of the textmode browser lynx from accessing its website.
An engineer in the city of Mysore in India claims he has found a way to reduce the carbon footprint of vehicle engines, using a…
The Bureau of Meteorology has started blocking the text browsers lynx and w3m from accessing its website, preventing many sight-impaired readers from using the site.
Scientists have reverted to a 300-million-year-old insect — the dragonfly — to show why future flapping wing drones will probably look like these creatures.
Flying foxes, a species that are listed as vulnerable to extinction due to a drop in numbers, are being detected and counted using drones carrying…
Three of the largest tech innovators—Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Facebook, and Microsoft—now have free access to patents under the Low-Carbon Patent Pledge. This patent can support…
Open-source file syncing and sharing software company Nextcloud has teamed up with Kailona, a healthcare app funded by the German Government, to provide a counter-model…




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