ERPAL for Service Providers is the world's first open source ERP built on Drupal, a popular content management system.
The Linux Foundation is offering its comprehensive Introduction to Linux course - normally $2,400 - for free.
Google's Chromebook is a smart lightweight ultrabook for those invested in Google's ecosphere but had an anachronism - until now.
The classic argument for the open source philosophy is that of electronic voting. If the process is not understood or transparent then its results cannot…
A recurring Linux joke / horror story is running the command rm –rf /. Imagine if it actually happened? What would or could you do…
On the one-hand "Linux" is well-understood; on the other, there is a rich variety of Linux distributions available. How do they differ and what's new…
KACE is a common systems and asset management, ticketing and reporting system used within enterprises. A new security flaw has been posted, revealing a hardcoded…
After April 2014 Microsoft Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft. It is definitely time to consider what to transition to and how.…
The CentOS Linux project is a beloved distribution by those seeking an enterprise quality Linux distribution. CentOS is joining the Red Hat Linux family and…
Seeking the perfect powerful ultraportable device for enterprises I decided it was time to give Google's Samsung Chromebook 303C a spin. How does it fare?




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