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What Makes Yodot a Highly Preferred Hard Drive Recovery Software?

By Yodot

SPONSORED REVIEW: External hard drives are evolving to be faster, safer and more reliable. Nevertheless, they are not advanced enough to be shielded from events that cause data loss on the external hard drives.

For example, recently one of my external hard drive became inaccessible. From my experience I knew it was due to damaged file system. It all happened when I accidentally unplugged the drive while creating new partition. When I plugged it back the drive became completely inaccessible.

With no options in front of me, I consulted IT guy from my office and he suggested me Yodot. Considering his expertise in this field I downloaded the trial version of Yodot hard drive recovery software and started using it. To my surprise Yodot actually worked, I have successfully recovered over 110GB of data.

Here is how to recover external hard drive data using Yodot software.

How I Recovered External Hard Drive Data using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery Software

On the main screen there were three options File Recovery, Photo Recovery and Hard Drive Recovery. Since the functionality of each option was clearly mentioned I selected Hard Drive Recovery option without any hesitation. The next screen had two more options, Partition Recovery and Formatted and Re-formatted recovery. As the functionality of these options also was clearly mentioned, I selected Partition Recovery option.

Later, software will list all the storage drives connected to my computer. When you click on any of the listed storage drive, the details of the selected drive will be mentioned at the bottom of the screen. This is really helpful to identify the storage drive you want to recover. Select the drive and click on next to scan the storage drive.

In the next screen the Yodot Data Recovery Software will ask you to mark the extension file type. Obviously, I marked all the file extensions and clicked next to initiate the scan process. At this stage software took its time to complete scanning since it is 500 GB external hard drive.
Post scanning the external storage drive, Yodot will list the recovered files in file type view.

I took advantage of preview option to check whether all the files are recovered or not (with the help of preview option you can open the files and check whether all the files have been recovered without any damage). The best part was that up until this point I have not purchased the tool. Since I previewed the recovered files, I have come to realize that Yodot was the right recovery tool for me. Instantly I got a hold of a licensed version to save all the lost files on my hard drive.

Views On Yodot Hard Drive Recovery Software

In my experience I have used lot of utility software, but I have had utmost satisfaction with Yodot. I was able to recover and preview my files even without purchasing the product. Following are my views after using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software

Simple and easy to use: Yodot has a simple and self-explanatory interface. The product flow was quite exemplary, by simply following on-screen instructions you can successfully recover data from any external hard drive.

Recovers wide range of file formats: The data I recovered included documents, photos, videos. To my surprise, I also found all my raw photos captured on 2 different DSLR’s that I own. Yodot successfully recovered all the files undamaged. Moreover, recovered data can be classified using file type view through which you can find data in the form of folders as they were originally saved.

Worth every penny: If I have consulted a technician to recover data from my external hard drive I would have lost at least 200$ but with Yodot I have invested less than 80$. Additionally, I should book an appointment with the technician, drive to him, submit my storage drive and wait a week to receive it back. Fortunately, with the help of Yodot I have completed whole data recovery on same day without moving an inch.

Compress the Recovered files: I am intrigued to see “compress the recovered data” option. Since I used my laptop to recover data I didn't have enough space to save the recovered data. So, I compressed the recovered data and saved it.

Wrapping up

Considering my whole experience, Yodot has surpassed my expectations. The recovery efficiency is exceptional considering all the files are recovered. Whole recovery process is simple and straightforward. With the help of minimalistic user interface, even a novice user can easily perform recovery process. Preview option will give the feasibility to check the status of the recovered files. All the aforementioned features make Yodot a highly preferred data recovery software.



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