5G (187)

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Finnish telecommunications vendor Nokia opens its newly-upgraded Advanced Technology Centre in Japan to test and demonstrate its portfolio of local 5G equipment, software, and services, allowing CSPs and infrastructure providers to learn and understand the potential of 5G.

Managed service provider SmartCIC has collaborated with communications enabler Bics to expand existing carrier relationships for its Cellsmart platform and to benefit customers from direct connectivity to mobile network operators.

Qualcomm Technologies announced at the Qualcomm 5G Summit event new capabilities and milestones for the Snapdragon X70 5G Modem-RF System.

As 5G proliferates beyond the smartphone, Qualcomm Technologies is acting as a catalyst in enabling 5G to scale and revolutionise the robotics industry.

Vietnamese telecommunications company Viettel and Qualcomm are planning to collaborate and develop a next-generation 5G radio unit with Mimo capabilities and distributed units.

5G will account for almost 60% of global mobile service revenues in 2026, up by 40% of subscriptions by volume, according to findings by independent analyst and consultancy firm Omdia.

Finnish telecommunications equipment provider Nokia launches its Advanced Security Testing and Research lab in Dallas Texas, describing it as the first end-to-end 5G testing lab focused on cyber security.

Telstra Wholesale announced a range of mobile solutions – including a new 5G service and a series of IOT products – at its annual customer event, Business Connect.

Telecommunications giant Telstra and media asset management specialist Silver Trak Digital's new 5G Cinema Direct content delivery service gets digital content to cinemas, content distributors and movie studios.

Japan’s Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium and Europe’s 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association signed a memorandum of understanding in a bid to boost 5G and possibly 6G, and the next generation of networks.