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The Federal Government is moving ahead with virtualisation faster than the private sector according to Ann Steward, the Government CIO, as it seeks an ICT…
Saturday, 28 May 2011 10:04

Kaviza now a Citrix subsidiary

Citrix Systems has completed its acquisition of Kaviza, makers of the VDI-in-a-Box that makes it easier for SMEs to adopt desktop virtualisation.
New platforms - including Google's Chromebook - have been announced for Citrix Receiver, along with additional features and performance improvements.
The cloud computing metaphor will radically change the way the world's 148 million small businesses buy and consume ICT - but to deliver the maximum…
Public clouds are more secure and reliable than private data centres in the same way that commercial aircraft are safer than cars, according to a…
Using a PC to access cloud services while talking up the Green IT benefits is like spruiking your environmental credentials and then going to work…
If virtualisation is secure enough for the US Defense Intelligence Agency, shouldn't it be secure enough for you?
Thursday, 26 May 2011 20:12

ZTE and Huawei head for the clouds

Both of China's leading telecoms equipment makers - ZTE and Huawei - have set out plans to be major players in cloud computing technology, with…
While Citrix's XenClient - a bare-metal client hypervisor that allows centrally managed virtual desktops to run directly on corporate laptops even when disconnected from the…
A forthcoming version of Citrix's GoToMeeting collaboration software featuring high-definition videoconferencing has gone into public beta.