Telstra doubles Wi-Fi trial hotspots, extends free trial to June Telstra is doubling its free Wi-Fi trial hotspots with more than 1500 new hotspots across Australia including regional areas, adding to 1000 hotspots already online.
Waving, not drowning: Ruckus Wireless to drown Wave 2 802.11ac users in connectivity The latest big commotion from Ruckus Wireless has arrived: the industry’s first 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi Access Point feeds appetite for voracious multi-gigabit capacity.
Telstra gives fixed broadband home users a present Telstra has given its fixed broadband users a little surprise – well in some cases a big one!
Free customer Wi-Fi from iiNet More and more business customers want to access free, convenient Wi-Fi while shopping or doing business – if only to do in-store research.
Wi-fi patchy or not fast enough? Minitar has released a Wireless (Wi-Fi) AC repeater/access point/router MR750AC that may solve Wi-Fi speeds in your household or office/warehouse.
Ruckus revolution: a befitting brouhaha over carrier-class Wi-Fi calling Ruckus Wireless is causing a stir with proprietary Wi-Fi roaming and traffic handling capabilities that improve voice calls in some of the most challenging Wi-Fi…
Microsoft’s ‘free Wireless Display Adapter’ promotion with Telstra Microsoft is hoping to spur a few more Nokia Lumia 830 sales through Telstra through a free HD-10 Wireless Display Adapter with each purchase.
Ruckus Wireless removes ruckus over unclear Wi-Fi calls, fixes missing ‘Lync’ Ruckus Wireless is promoting its new products with patented advancements in Wi-Fi quality of Service, delivering ‘crystal clear’ Wi-Fi calling and picture perfect, flicker free…
Ruckus Wireless says Aussies are cutting the cord, wants to sell more Wi-Fi With the very recent ACMA report noting that the number of adult Australians who have ‘cut the cord’ and gone completely wireless increasing by 33%,…

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