What does the best Android smartphone look like – simple its curvaceous, colourful, and big – it is out of this Galaxy.
Wireless broadband at potentially six times the highest cable broadband speed – tell them they’re not dreaming!
BlackBerry on Android – with a slide out keyboard, 5.4” OLED screen, 18MP camera, and it runs all apps – this is the stuff electronic…
Wednesday, 09 March 2016 08:01

Samsung S7 is sublime – first looks

Samsung’s new S7 series, the 5.1” S7 and the 5.5” S7 Edge are refinements on the S6 series – easily the best, most fully featured…
When you first get hold of your new Samsung Galaxy S7 handset, it will be scratch-less, crack-less, dustless, unaffected by water. Not for long!
If you have been hunting for a good, quality, mouse with ‘legs’, it is time to expand your search to Logitech’s premium MX offerings.
OPPO’s new F series beginning with the F1 is a great mass-market phone with credible specifications and a signature OPPO style.
OPPO has been making a significant impression in the Australian smartphone market with the ‘R series’ that offer incredible value, features and performance for a…
I am a groupie for the Band – Microsoft’s new crossover fitness/smartwatch Band 2.
Windows 10 Mobile (W10M) and Lumia’s 950XL are Microsoft’s best mobile operating system (OS) and smartphone. Are they good enough to take market share from…

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