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Close encounters between Australians and the fourth generation of smartphones can officially commence today down under, as HTC's Velocity lands in the hands of those who pre-ordered, while anyone with the need to feel 4G's raw speed can undoubtedly visit one of Telstra's flagship T-Life stores for a rush of digital adrenaline.

Published in Mobility
Tuesday, 24 January 2012 07:13

Can wireless broadband boost employment?

A US think tank has published research claiming that the transition to '4G' (ie LTE) technologies will spur significant new job creation and growth that could help the American economy restore gains in incomes and business investment.

For years cellular mobile and WiMAX network operators along with their network and device suppliers have been touting their wireless broadband offerings as 4G, but the International Telecommunication Union has only just finalised the 4G standards.



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