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Last year, the three big mainstream US newspapers ran articles that more or less spelt the death knell for Kaspersky Lab's deals with the American public sector. The new year has hardly begun, but The Wall Street Journal has been quick off the mark to recycle old claims against the Russian security firm, apparently relying on the old adage that if mud is thrown, then some will stick.

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Russian security vendor Kaspersky Lab is again under fire in the mainstream US media, with the Washington Post alleging that the co-operation it extended to the FSB, Russia's equivalent of the FBI, in getting a suspected cyber criminal jailed was an indication of "an unusual degree of closeness" to the agency which was described as "the country's powerful security service".

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In October, the three biggest mainstream newspapers in the US carried stories about Kaspersky Lab that effectively ensured there would be no second thoughts about the company's deals with the US Government. Examined carefully, these stories are short on essential detail. They are full of holes.

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