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With a compete range of routers, switches, security and WAN optimisation products now running its Junos operating system and emboldened by new data showing the cost benefits to users of its single operating system approach, Juniper Networks is now embarking on a new aggressive marketing campaign to build market share in the enterprise and government market.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2009 11:20

48 hours in every day - thanks to the Internet

Cisco has updated its growth forecasts for global Internet traffic to generate a batch of mind-numbing statistics, including the claim that, by 2103, there will be 48 hours in a 'network day' thanks to 'active digital multitasking' such as listening to online music while working online and other 'passive networking' activities such as DVR recording.

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The University of Queensland aims to deploy the largest 802.11n wireless network using Cisco gear and also to deploy the largest Cisco TelePresence network in Asia Pacific  in a tertiary institution. (Changes are shown in italics)

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