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Google launched its new Pixel 3 smartphones and a new Google Home Hub with screen that is coming to Australia, but the new 12.3-inch Pixel Slate tablet with Chrome OS has no local on-sale date yet.

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Arriving on 17 October, Nokia's new 7.1 is "the first" with a 5.8-inch PureDisplay promising a next-level viewing experience with HDR, high contrast ratio, greater clarity and enhanced colours – and the screen is notched.

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Tuesday, 25 September 2018 17:57

The most dangerous drug of addiction

A few weeks ago I left the house and while driving realised I had forgotten my smartphone. It was not a good feeling – I felt disadvantaged and disconnected. Yet, as a younger man, I happily travelled around the world with just my wristwatch and a backpack. What has happened to us since those days?

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