Lauraine McDonald

Lauraine McDonald

 Lauraine McDonald began her working life as an IT journalist before the birth of ISPs in Australia (B-ISP). After bolstering that experience with corporate marketing and change management, McDonald now runs her own social media business Content Marketing Help when she’s not writing for ITWire. Go here if you need help with LinkedIn or social media.

Spark and network partner Huawei enabled the first 4.5G mobile site in New Zealand today, recording 1.15Gbps.

A new leaked internal document reveals secret trials of low-cost fibre-to-the-premises program by nbn.

Thursday, 18 February 2016 13:09

Concealed reviews exposed in house-swap economy

Not all peer-to-peer sharing economy platforms like Airbnb, Uber or Aussie House Swap offer consumers the same levels of protection. With the popularity of these sites exploding as a result of trusting Australians embracing the more creative ways of both making and saving money, you should recognise the potholes to avoid in this so-called ‘sharing economy’.

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