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I read with some interest of the 'stuff-up' at New Zealand telco 2degrees where a software upgrade caused calls and SMSs to be delivered to…
The strident calls over the past couple of days for the owners, directors, staff and tea-lady at DistributeIT to be hung up by their "pink…
After the tweeting underpants incident, Congressman Anthony Weiner has finally decided to resign. And guess who has offered him a job!
In an on-again-off-again saga, Congressman Weiner finally admits his (ahem) wiener was indeed the filling in the tweeted underpants.
Rolling around the world, at 6pm in every time-zone, Saturday May 21st was the day all good christians would ascend to heaven, leaving the rest…
Today's assertion by a Queensland Police representative that receiving a (potentially) ill-gotten image derived from Facebook is akin to receiving a stolen TV completely beggars…
Facebook's ongoing reluctance to tighten the privacy and security of its users reveals the fundamental problem with its business model. In order to maintain business…
Douglas Adams died 10 years ago today.  Goodness, it seems like it was just 42 days.
In what was hoped to be a major viral marketing campaign, Samsung arranged for a tweet to be sent from the top of Mt Everest…




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