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Unisys Launches New Services to Help Clients Accelerate Their Application Modernisation Initiatives

By Claire Hosegood

New services - part of Unisys Application Modernisation Platform as a Service solution - help clients realise the benefits of complex modernisation initiatives in as little as 12 to 18 months while reducing costs

BLUE BELL, Pa., February 28, 2012 - Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced a new set of services to help organisations reduce the cost, complexity, risk and time involved in implementing a complex mission-critical application modernisation initiative.

Complementing the company's subscription-based Application Modernisation Platform as a Service (AMPS) SOA Core offering, the new services - dubbed AMPS COE (Centre of Excellence) - are designed to help clients maximise return on investment from their modernisation initiatives and realise the full promise and benefits of a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

With today's announcement, the Unisys AMPS SOA Core offering - launched in 2011 for the U.S. federal market - is now available to commercial and public sector organisations worldwide. Sold on a per-user basis, the Unisys AMPS SOA Core offering features a pre-built software platform that enables organisations to jumpstart their application modernisation initiatives without the need for upfront software licensing, hardware and systems integration investments.

Based on real-world client experience, the AMPS COE services and AMPS SOA Core offering can help organisations realise measurable benefits from these complex modernisation programs in as little as 12 to 18 months.

'The pace of business today demands that organisations respond in near real-time to changing customer and competitive requirements - and yet most businesses and agencies continue to be constrained by old, inflexible applications that can take years and cost a fortune to change,' said Andy Gordon, AMPS director, Unisys. 'Our AMPS COE services and AMPS SOA Core solution provide clients a practical, cost-effective and field-tested approach for modernising their mission-critical applications and reaping the benefits of a service-oriented enterprise.'

A Proven Approach to Application Modernisation

The AMPS COE services and AMPS SOA Core solution are based on a proven methodology and set of best practices developed by Unisys in successful client modernisation work within the U.S. Federal government.

AMPS COE is comprised of five services that are available as a package or a la carte to address specific customer needs. The five services available are:

·   AMPSSM Assessment - These services involve assessing the client's application environment and delivering a line-of-sight alignment from business planning and architecture to implementation of service-oriented enterprise.

·   AMPSSM Strategy - Unisys SOA experts work with the client's internal team to help craft a complete SOA enterprise-wide strategy.

·   AMPSSM Governance - Unisys and the client define and implement the overall governance model and policies needed to achieve a successful modernization initiative.

·   AMPSSM Operational Software Platform - Unisys works with the client team to develop an operational SOA software platform that serves as the foundation for all application development and modernisation work.

·   AMPSSM Full Life Cycle Operational Support - Unisys works with the client to create an ongoing operational model, institutionalise the governance model across the enterprise, and provide the support structure for information systems backup, integrity, contingency, incident response, maintenance, and awareness and training processes.

The Unisys AMPS SOA Core offering integrates services, IT infrastructure, and software from leading providers such as SOA Software and Red Hat - all available via on premise or a cloud-based subscription model with security and IT governance.

For more information on AMPS, please visit

For further discussion by Unisys thought leaders on application modernisation trends, please visit the Unisys 'Disruptive IT Trends' website at


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