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amaysim's unlimited summer gig: Australia's second 'truly unlimited' mobile data offer, the first pre-paid


amaysim is promising three recharges of "truly unlimited mobile data", with no mention of speed caps, and it's the first such pre-paid offer, although Telstra's now discontinued $199 Ultimate 24-month contract plan with your choice of flagship phone and truly unlimited, uncapped 4G was the first such plan in Australia.

Seeking an unlimited gig over summer has long been the case for voice calls and SMS messages no matter which provider you went to, but getting an unlimited summer gig full of unlimited, non-speed-capped gigabytes was only once temporarily possible on Telstra, and now since discontinued, sadly - what Telstra giveth, Telstra can taketh away. 

Today, both Vodafone and Telstra do have plans with unlimited 4G data, capped at 1.5Mbps once a certain threshold is reached, but no third-party MVNO pre-paid provider that I am aware of has gone down the unlimited data path before, or at least, as yet, in Australia.

So, amaysim's unlimited data plan does have limits - it exists for only three recharges for the summer period, after which 60GB and 80GB limits over 28 days return, and given amaysim's references to its Fair Use Policy and Critical Information Summaries, there is sure to be some kind of limit somewhere for actual amounts of data being downloaded during the "unlimited period", but there are no references to this, as yet, in its documents - although the CEO, as seen below, says no speed caps and no data limits.

Does that mean someone can download a terabyte of mobile data or more? Give people a hard limit and they'll see it as permission to try and reach that limit, while giving people are hard limit without speed caps gives people license to complain that unlimited doesn't mean unlimited.

Those issues aside, which amaysim probably thought long and hard about in recent times, what does the company have to say about its new plan, which includes specific info from tbe CEO on no data caps and no data limits?

Well, the company says it "has launched what it thinks is Australia’s first truly unlimited mobile data offer in time for the Christmas holiday break, continuing its history of consumer focused disruption in mobile services".

As noted, the company is wrong about being first with such an offer, that was Telstra, but it is the first such pre-paid, SIM-only offer I'm aware of - with Amaysim's CEO confirming below there are no speed caps or data limits during this unlimited data period.

Now, as amaysim goes on to explain, its "amaysim unlimited mobile data offer is available over summer for $40 for each of the first three renewals (available until 31st January 2020). From 1st December, existing loyal customers on the $40 and up plans will automatically be upgraded and get to enjoy unlimited mobile data for their next three renewals.

"This comes following new research revealing that as temperatures soar for summer, so does our data usage! Aussies use 7% more data over the Christmas period (19 December – 27 January), another cost burden during the most expensive time of year and a major drain on their wallets according to 74% of folks asked.

"Additional research (conducted by amaysim in partnership with YouGov) of over 1,000 Australians reveals that savings matter, with two-thirds (65%) of Aussies believing they would save almost $98 over summer ($33 on average per month) by switching to an unlimited mobile data offer. Australia’s bigger data users on a plan of 50GB or more, believe switching could save them as much as $131 over summer (almost $44 on average per month) on their mobile phone costs.

"Aussies are thirsty for more mobile data, with two-thirds (66%)3 of the nation feeling panicked when they run out. This may be why 75% of smartphone users are ready to consider switching mobile providers to access an unlimited mobile data plan."

amaysim CEO and Co-Founder, Peter O’Connell said, “Aussies love data but until now have often been sold so-called ‘unlimited’ or ‘endless’ mobile data, only for their data to be slowed down and capped, draining the value.

“Unlike anything else currently available, our new summer plans will give total freedom and flexibility to our customers during what is the highest mobile data use period in the year. We want our customers to enjoy summer and the holidays with as much mobile data as they need with the comfort of knowing we won’t be imposing any speed or data restrictions on our Unlimited offer, and then the summer feeling continues if they choose to stay with us, and they will enjoy 60GB a month.”

Amaysim then shares some more stats, stating: "It’s no surprise Aussies are a data hungry bunch: consider this; over the summer months amaysim expects to see its customers stream an equivalent of 6.9 million hours of Netflix in SD and spend 44.4 million hours on Facebook, that’s close to 7 million GB. After analysing existing customer usage behaviour, amaysim is also giving loyal customers on equivalent $40 and above plans, unlimited mobile data to enjoy an endless summer of data at no extra cost.

"True unlimited mobile data is now within the grasp of Aussies this holiday period, and when asked what they would do if this was a possibility over summer, the research reveals two-thirds (65%) of Aussies would increase their Netflix hours and stream their favourite TV series whenever and wherever they want. Cool, right?".

O’Connell noted that while data limits across the board have been increasing, more than half of Aussies admit to still exceeding their data limit, and said: "Our research shows that around 1.6 million people claim they cannot last an entire month without going over their allocated data limit. That’s probably why seven in ten smartphone users agree that a truly unlimited data offer for summer would help ease their data usage burden over the holiday period and make it an epic summer.

“Having just celebrated our 9th birthday, we are even more committed to ensuring our customers, both existing and new, are on the best value plans in the market. We exist to champion the needs of our customers and we listen when they tell us what they need. In this case, it was an endless summer of data.”

So, if you haven't already had it firmly burned into your brain by now in this article, amaysim's mobile data offer "is available over summer and is $40 for the first three renewals, available until 31st January 2020. Following the end of the offer, the $40 plan goes to 60GB, however, with no lock in contracts, customers are free to leave whenever they choose. Alongside the $40 Unlimited offer, for summer amaysim has increased the inclusions on all its plans".

Details on amaysim's plans are here (and seen in a screenshot below) with more interesting stats below:


  • Every year, almost two-thirds (63%) of Australians admit they receive at least one or more gifts that they don’t like or won’t use while 76% of Aussies would prefer a practical gift this Christmas, like a gift card or Unlimited mobile data that they could use every day.
  • Men (57%) are more likely than women (43%) to exceed their monthly allocated mobile data limit and are also more likely than women to be exceeding it every month (19% compared to 13%).

amaysim reminds us it uses the Optus 4G Plus network, and that: 

  • Following the end of the offer, the $40 plan goes to 60GB, and $50 plan comes back to 80GB "permanently".

My observation on this is that one can only imagine that more "unlimited" data plans are bound to come in the future from more players, so just how permanent amaysim's claim of permanancy in a reality where the only constant is change is yet to be seen, especially when viewed in the grand scheme of things. That said. you can be certain that amaysim's offer will, at least temporarily (for what could a time scale of months or more), change "permanently" back to the previously fixed limits, before some future permanent data inclusion upgrades.

Other new plan monthly inclusions from amaysim include:

  • $10 for 1.5 GB (up from 1GB)
  • $20 for 8GB (up from 10GB)
  • $30 for 40 GB (up from 30GB
  • Existing customers will get access to new inclusions on the above plans.
  • From 1st December, existing customers on the $40 and up plans will also automatically get upgraded to unlimited mobile data for their next 3 renewals. At the end of the promotion, existing customers will renew on their standard plan inclusions.
  • The plan is intended for personal mobile use only, and should not be considered a home broadband or mobile broadband replacement.


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