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Amaysim naturally thinks its plans are the best, but the advice is worthy for any telco or MVNO you're thinking about, and whoever you're with, you should regularly check your plan against the market.

Have you recently purchased a new phone, be it one of the pricier new flagships from companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, Huawei and LG, or one of the more budget friendly models, from Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Oppo, Kogan or others?

Whatever your choice in smartphones, whether a super-premium ultra flagship, or one of the many mid-range models offering ever more premium features for less money, there are more plans and telcos to choose from than ever before, from $10 to $199 per billing cycle, and with ever greater value, calls and data for the money.

As you'd expect, Amaysim reminds us that it is "Australia’s fourth largest mobile service provider with over 1.1 million customers", and the company has shared "a handy checklist for when it comes to picking a mobile phone plan for your new device – making it a simple, hassle free experience", which I'm happy remind readers is valid no matter which telco you choose.

1. Data

Amaysim starts off with data, and notes that "Mobile data usage is on the rise, growing by 49% in the last year alone, according to recent ABS research

"As a result", we're told that "big telco companies are offering plans with huge data inclusions – but do you really need to pay for that much data?"

Amaysim advises that, "as a first step in finding a new plan, use a data calculator (here's Amaysim's) to determine how much you’ll actually need each month so that you can make an informed decision".

"Alternatively, you could check your previous mobile bills and figure out your average usage per month and go from there."

Naturally, Amaysim takes the opportunity to note that it "offers mobile plans from 1GB and dataholics can now get 60GB of data and unlimited talk & text for only $60 – that's only $1 per GB and one of the best valued mobile plans Australia has ever seen".

The company also offers an extra tip: "add a little buffer to avoid getting stung by pricey data excess charges".

2. Calls and text

"If you like to have a good yarn", Amaysim adds, "or simply don’t want the hassle of counting your minutes, then you need a plan with unlimited calls and text.

"For those with friends and family overseas, a plan with unlimited international talk and text inclusions will help you stay within your monthly budget".

It is of course no surprise to see Amaysim state that its plans "include unlimited standard calls to 10 countries for just $30 and an additional 300 international minutes to a further 22 countries come with their $50 and $60 plans!"

3. Coverage

Here we're reminded that "There are only a few big networks in Australia, so all mobile plans will be powered by one or the other.

"When deciding on your new plan, check that there’s good coverage in the places you regularly visit, especially your home and workplace.

"Coverage maps are a great tool to find out whether your phone plan will have you covered".

4. Costs

Amaysim takes the opportunity to plug itself once more by noting that "SIM-only mobile plan providers like amaysim offer outstanding value for a great price.

"To ensure you get the plan that’s right for you, don’t just look at the cheapest offer on the market – consider the entire package".

Amaysim's advise is to "choose a provider that": 

  • Doesn’t lock you into a contract – leaving you with total flex.
  • Offers the amount of data you need at a good price (compare the $ per GB of data).
  • Gives you the option to switch between plans should your behaviour change.
  • Lets you conveniently manage your account with clever online tools, but also offers great customer service.

So, there you have it. Yes, Amaysim has excellent value plans, but its competitors including OVO, Boost Mobile, Kogan Mobile and many others have also increased their respective data plans, with most of those offering some form of international calling, too.

Thus, it is incumbent on you to decide which combination of talk, text, data, international calls and more are right for you, or whether a pre-paid or post-paid plan with one of the major telcos is the right fit.

It all depends on whether you're a frequent international traveller or mostly stay at home, how much data you use when out and about, what kind of data-free inclusions you get for streaming music or video services, how often you call internationally and to which countries, where it is you travel within Australia, and how long your plan is for, be it 28 days, 30 days, a month, 90 days, 365 days or some other timeframe. 

There's never been a better time to be a smartphone owner than today, with more choice and value than ever, and it can actually be hard to make a bad decision given the competitive nature of today's market, but even so, you really can fine tune yourself the perfect plan or nearly so with so many choices out there today.

So choose wisely, and have fun!


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