Wednesday, 01 August 2018 05:06

ACCAN, Opposition criticise ISP shortfalls in ACCC report

By Stan Beer

Telecommunications consumers’ advocate, the Australian Communications Consumers Action Network and the Labor Opposition have welcomed the ACCC broadband monitoring report with both criticising shortfalls of ISPs in achieving maximum broadband speeds.

In welcoming the report, ACCAN said it was good that consumers now had access to information about the broadband services on offer but expressed disappointment in some of the shortfalls the report revealed.

“ACCAN welcomes the release of the latest broadband speed monitoring data by the ACCC. ACCAN has a track record of supporting this initiative, as it is fundamentally important that consumers have access to information about how their service is likely to perform so they know what they are buying,” chief executive Teresa Corbin said in a statement.

“The good news is that broadband speeds are generally close to maximum speed plans, but there is still considerable room for improvement. Consumers can use this data to select the telco that is going to deliver best for them during the time we are all using our broadband services – in the evening.

“It is unfortunate to see however that 7% or around a quarter of a million consumers on the NBN are continuing to receive speeds that are approximately half the potential maximum speed of their connection.

“It’s encouraging that the report now covers six of the major telcos, with Aussie Broadband and My Republic also included in these latest results. This gives consumers the full picture of which telcos are under-performing and which are offering them the best value service for their money, and will drive performance focused competition in the sector.

“For those consumers on under-performing services it is important the service providers and NBN Co take steps to ensure that consumers are getting the speeds that they are paying for, or for them to be allowed to shift to lower cost, lower speed plans that reflect the actual speed that they are attaining, or to cancel their service and move to another provider.”

Meanwhile, the Federal Opposition took a swipe at the government for taking so long to get the broadband monitoring program in place and pointed to the results showing that most consumers cannot achieve the top speeds of the plans they were sold.

“Three in four Australians on (Prime Minister Malcolm) Turnbull’s copper NBN cannot achieve top speeds, and without these measures there is a higher risk they will be sold plans that cannot be delivered,” said Opposition Communications spokesperson, Michelle Rowland.


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