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Typically the costs of an integrated communications network would be prohibitive for smaller and medium sized businesses.  Telstra removes the need for the large upfront investment by offering integrated business technology solutions as an affordable service billed monthly as an operational expense.

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Saturday, 03 May 2008 13:19

Free Wi-Fi is an idea that won't fly

In a world of ever growing costs, ever changing technologies, and ever lying governments, why did anyone ever believe Premier Iemma’s promise that Sydney – and other CBDs – would ever truly get free Wi-Fi?

Published in Fuzzy Logic
In the unending war of words between the rival mobile broadband camps - WiMAX and 3G/HSPA - an oft-repeated criticism levelled at the HSPA camp is that the spectrum available for the technology will not support the anticipated huge take-up of mobile broadband services. If the  HSPA camp gets its way - that could change.

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