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Wednesday, 20 December 2006 23:19

Hubble is Not the Only Telescope in Space

Hubble is not the only telescope in space We hear much news about the Hubble Space Telescope and, sometimes, it seems that it is the only telescope in space. However, it is not. Hubble--like other space observatories--is an instrument launched into space that is used by astronomers to observe planets, stars, galaxies, and other objects. These space telescopes observe electromagnetic radiation--self-propagating waves with electric and magnetic components--emitted by celestial objects.

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Astronauts aboard Space Shuttle Discovery—Space Transportation System-116 (STS-16) mission—are working to fix a troublesome solar array that was first installed onto the International Space Station (ISS) in late 2000 by the STS-97 crew. The port solar array on the P6 truss is causing problems because it is not retracting like is normally should. It is being retracted and placed into a storage box so that astronauts on a future shuttle mission in 2007 can move it to a new location.

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