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With multiple players seeking to exploit the potential to service consumers in their homes via the increased bandwidth of the NBN the will need to collaborate and co-operate if the full potential of the 'connected home' is to be realised, says a report from the Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation (ACBI).

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The latest findings from Roy Morgan research suggest that only 29 percent of businesses expect the NBN to benefit or be useful to their business.

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Friday, 05 October 2012 17:41

ACCAN calls for SIM-unlock fees to be banned

ACCAN has called for the government to legislated against mobile operators charging fees to remove sim locks on prepaid phones. Meanwhile Optus has tightened its sim unlock rules.

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Nominum, a company whose software underpins domain name systems (DNS) for hundreds of ISPs worldwide, has developed a software platform and associated ecosystem to enable network operators to easily develop and deploy a wide range of applications to leverage the DNS.

Google has reached an out of court settlement in its long-running law suit with five major US publishers over their copyrighted works digitised under Google's Library Project and made available online via Google Books.

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Friday, 05 October 2012 07:38

Woolworths launches global roaming SIM

Woolworths has expanded its range of mobile communications offerings with the launch of global roaming SIM card in partnership with Cubic Telecom, based in Ireland, that it says can cut the cost of roaming charges for voice, text and data by as much as 90 percent.

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Thursday, 04 October 2012 19:25

How the mobile Internet helped to mitigate the GFC

The expansion of mobile Internet connectivity helped to buoy the global ICT sector and the global economy as a whole during the recent period of sustained economic malaise, according to the OECD.

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Co-ordinated action by the ACMA, the US Federal Trade Commission and regulators in other countries has closed down a long running telephone scam in which the scammers posed as tech support staff for Microsoft and other IT companies to extract money from consumers by pretending to remove malware from their 'infected' PCs.

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The  Federal Department of Finance and Deregulation has released a five year ICT strategy for the Australian Public Service promising that it will position the Australian Government to use ICT in creative and innovative ways to deliver better, easier to use services to the public.

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Vodafone has contracted Netcomm Wireless (ASX: NTC) to supply M2M cellular modems for its global M2M business.

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A survey of contractors - independent professionals or iPros - across a wide range of disciplines debunks the belief that they are less committed and productive than permanent employees.

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Tuesday, 02 October 2012 18:31

Rival Networks promises free Internet

Gold Coast based IT company Rival Networks is planning to launch a free Internet access service via mobile broadband.

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The mobile industry and its proponents are forever talking of mobile networks delivering increasing throughput at lower costs and competing strongly with fixed broadband networks like the NBN. The reality will be very different, according to one analyst firm.

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Monday, 01 October 2012 19:44

ACMA to revamp telephone numbers for the NBN era

The ACMA has announced completion of its review of telephone numbering saying its planned changes will prepare the telephone numbering system for the NBN.

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Alcatel-Lucent is bringing to Australia an initiative designed to help its telco customers participate fully in the value chain of network-delivered services and applications but one of these - NBN Co - is limited to providing basic carriage services.

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Friday, 28 September 2012 08:52

NBN Co turns on multicast offering

NBN Co has launched its multicast service that enables service providers to deliver one stream of content to the NBN and have it delivered to multiple end users.

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Wednesday, 26 September 2012 16:17

Communications Compliance executive director named

Communications Compliance, the body established by Communications Alliance to monitor compliance with the new Telecommunications Consumer Protection (TCP) code has named Christiane Gillespie-Jones as its executive director.

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For many years Apple has been ahead of the curve when it comes to new computing technologies. It was the first to adopt the mini floppy disk, and the first to abandon it. It led in the incorporation of WiFi and Firewire and, in the MacBook Air the use of flash storage instead of spinning drives for internal storage.

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Brocade has released a new high end ethernet fabric switch the VDX 8770 along with enhancements to its VCS Fabric technology designed for highly virtualised data centre environments and to enable the creation of greatly simplified data centre networks.

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IT consultancy Analysys Mason has warned that the ITU's forthcoming review of the International Telecommunications Regulations could extend these to the Internet and that any such expansion is "not only unnecessary, but could harm the growth of the Internet in developing countries."

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