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The latest Google web service offering, Google Calendar, may not be the end all and be all of desktop organisers. It may not have any special features that cannot be found in other organiser products, such as Microsoft Outlook. However, it is just one more nail in the coffin of the old software paradigm that Microsoft made its own in the 1980s.

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Andreas Girardet

Microsoft cannot withstand Linux pyramid: philosopher Girardet

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Twelve years ago, Andreas Girardet, a Masters graduate in philosophy and logic from Berlin University caught the twin internet and Linux bugs. Today Girardet, whose official title at Suse Linux vendor Novell is Linux Evangelist, says logic dictates that Microsoft will not be able to withstand the onslaught of Linux.
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Saturday, 08 April 2006 05:29

Bill Hilf blog attracts anti-Microsoft posters

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Office 2007 and Vista not automatic selections: analyst

Microsoft's Linux expert has launched a company sanctioned blog in an outreach attempt to the Open Source community but all it seems to attract are irate anti-Microsoft posters.

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