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Wednesday, 24 October 2007 19:33

The ever cunning Linux dances the Samba

TCP/IP, the lingua franca of the Internet, was developed on UNIX systems. As such, Linux has benefited from this heritage by naturally fitting in to any TCP/IP network. Yet, sometimes you still need to deal with computers whose operating system has distinctly non-TCP/IP legacy networking components. A case in point is sharing your printer to Windows users.
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Monday, 22 October 2007 16:42

Linux frag-fest: the games Linux plays

You know Linux will handle all your web browsing needs, your e-mail, your office apps. But when it comes to gaming, what do you do? If you’re a hard-core gamer are you stuck in a Windows world, or the netherworld of dual-booting? Fear not: Linux can play hard and here’s how to get going.
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Microsoft have listed 100 reasons why people really ought to upgrade from Windows XP. They appeal to usability, mobility, security and entertainment. Yet, looking through the list, we reckon they’re actually talking about Ubuntu Linux, not that dog Windows Vista.
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