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A friend said to me recently that “Firefox is for the home, Internet Explorer is for the office.” His comments reflect commonly found stigma and fears that free and open source software – and Linux too – are not suitable for a business environment. Let me set the record straight, giving real feedback from companies who have made the switch and don’t look back.
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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 18:06

Linux on the line: musings on the CLI / GUI flip-flop

People are a funny lot. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. And one person’s primary means of instructing a computer is met with disdain by another. There’s a perennial battle between mousers and keyboard jockeys, and “what’s in” appears to go in cycles.
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Welcome to my shiny new blog on ITWire. Pull up a chair, settle back and enjoy a glass from the Linux Distillery. Oh, if you have to drive, never fear: we’re distilling knowledge and experience. And talk about experience! Every scar on my hand tells a story. Every scar on my arm tells a story. Every scar on my – well, that’s another story!
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