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The raging Australian Internet filtering war keeps on hotting up, with the Shadow Minister for Communications demanding that the Internet filtering trial, already put back to mid-January, must not remain secret – and must have a totally independent audit.

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Earlier this morning, Australian Shadow Minister for Communications, Senator Nick Minchin, put out a press release accusing the Minister for Communications, Senator Stephen Conroy, of “burying” a report into ISP filtering – but surprise, surprise, the report is now available for anyone to read.

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Filtering and censoring the Internet has never been more in the news in Australia, as our Government seriously contemplates the equivalent of a “Great Firewall” at each ISP. Although the reasons sound pure, so as to protect Australians from child pornography, civil libertarians and free thinking Aussies wonder what would be censored next, and how far we can trust any government. A debate on the 19th of December will be webcast – and everyone’s invited.

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