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Stakeholder buy-in is crucial for integration success, says ANATAS

INTERVIEW PROMOTION * Integration specialist, ANATAS, is a premium partner for SoftwareAG webMethods, with over 30 major Australian integration projects under its belt. Getting buy-in starting from the top is critical for any integration or digital transformation project to succeed, they say.

ANATAS provides DevOps, Project Management and Integration and sits within the well-known FTS Group which encompasses a wide range of practices and companies along with ANATAS, spanning Financial Operations, Customer Relationship Management, Infrastructure, Data, Change Management, Health, Learning Machines, Robotic Process Automation, Government and small-to-medium operations, and more.

Peter O'Donnell, Head of Service & Delivery (Northern), ANATAS explains ANATAS’ customers are going through a transformation journey. They need to modernise what they do around integration, or are exposing integrations and want to do it securely. They may also have a need to expose data through APIs to a business partner, a supplier, or a digital platform like a website or mobile application so that the customer can access the data in a fast, safe and reliable way.

Peter O'Donnell leads a large team of integration specialists in both Sydney and Brisbane aiding clients with their integration projects, providing varying degrees of project management, architecture, build, test and support. They either act as part of the internal team or deliver the whole end-to-end service.

Their customers cover a wide range of industries such as petrochemicals, utilities like energy and gas, aged care in relation to consolidating acquired business and their multiple financial systems, and others. Projects range in value up to $2m.

As such, Peter O'Donnell and ANATAS are well-placed to give insight into what elements are most likely to contribute to a project succeeding or failing. For Peter O’Donnell it comes down to getting commitment and support in partnership with your business stakeholders and then leveraging the strengths of apps such as Software AG’s webMethods.

"You could be a trading partner like Coles or Woolworths, or be the supplier. We deal with both. These big retailers have managed B2B gateways, and when a supplier wants to connect an electronic data interchange they are required to provide eight commands and comply with a set of rules. They need to look at the investment and the cost savings of automation – paper-less, error-free ordering and invoicing for example. Don’t think it will be straightforward and don’t think it will be trivial, because it’s not, but using Integration Platforms makes it significantly easier, definitely worthwhile and will transform your business operations”.

"We work with a Hong Kong company that has great support from the CIO down. Whether it’s new ways of working or new practices around integration it’s really important when introducing new technologies to have buy-in from the leadership and not just the technology leadership,” Peter O’Donnell says.

"You need to bring them along and have them own part of the project like being a product owner. It’s so key and so important for business people to get an appreciation for what’s involved and helping their own customers through automation, getting information, and making it easier for customers to engage with that business,” he said.

"It might be a little pain up-front but once it's done life becomes easier.”

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* This is a Promotional Interview conducted by iTWire for Anatas.

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