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Capable load balancer for meeting application experience needs

Kemp LoadMaster is a modern, enterprise grade load balancer with advanced load balancing capabilities, high performance throughput in an extremely stable, reliable and easy to use environment.

Broad deployment options

Kemp’s LoadMaster can be delivered in a variety of form factors including virtual, hardware, bare metal and in the cloud. Kemp have invested in providing support and optimising LoadMaster to run on all the most popular hypervisors, namely VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, Xen, and Oracle Virtual Box.

To install, you can use a CLI (command line interface) connection, connect a local monitor and keyboard or point a browser at the appliance's default IP address and use the built in Web User Interface. We chose the latter and after applying a license file were ready to go in 10 minutes.

Comprehensive feature list

Kemp’s LoadMasters have a long list of features that cover everything from web acceleration, which include caching and compression, SSL acceleration, persistence, security features such as 2 factor authentication and SSO, DDoS mitigation and TMG replacement. LoadMaster is also SDN Adaptive and has support for GSLB and DNS Failover depending on your subscription license.

Over 150 application templates

There are over 150 load balancer configuration templates that Kemp have published for commonly deployed applications that include Exchange, SharePoint, Apache, NGINX, SAP, VMware, Moodle, EduPoint and more.

The web interface is very intuitive and easy to use. It opens with a summary page showing the status of physical and virtual servers along with a table of throughput for all network interfaces. More information is available in the statistics page, where we could view real-time performance charts of appliance hardware and pull up historical graphs of utilization going back a year.

Kemp supports Layer 3-7 load balancing. Layer 4 connection persistence uses source and destination addresses to ensure traffic from a particular client is always sent to the same server. Layer 7 load balancing enables LoadMaster to redirect traffic more intelligently by inspecting content to gain deeper context on the application request. This additional context allows the load balancer to optimise load balancing and to also rewrite content, perform security inspections and to implement access controls.

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