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Fujitsu launches a new enterprise thin client model

Fujitsu Australia has announced the release of a new enterprise thin client model from the Fujitsu Thin Client FUTRO lineup.

The new model is available to order now in Australia and New Zealand and for its series of desktop-based systems, Fujitsu has added the FUTRO S740, an ultra-small model with an updated chassis design.

For its series of desktop-based systems, Fujitsu has added the FUTRO S740, an ultra-small model with an updated chassis design.

With a commitment to creating secure working environments for customers, the Fujitsu Group offers advanced security solutions across the full lineup of devices to suit various tasks and needs of the user.

Main features of the new product:

1. The FUTRO S740, featuring an updated, ultra-small desktop chassis in a new compact design.

The size of the chassis for the S740 has been reduced by about 63% compared with the previous S720 model, while maintaining the same level of interface expandability, delivering support for features such as Wi-Fi, USB, and external displays. Making the chassis more compact has reduced its desktop footprint for a refined-looking layout.

With the addition of a custom-made mount kit, it is now also possible to attach the client chassis directly to the VESA mount of an LCD display, allowing users to maximise their use of work station space.

2. Full featured security solutions

Fujitsu devices include features that are designed to reduce security risks, including unauthorised access on account of third party identity fraud and data leaks resulting from USB memory stick connections, or other external devices.

SMART ACCESS – Integrated Authentication Software (optional) - By adopting secure personal authentication using fingerprints or palm veins, this software prevents unauthorised access due to the leak of a user’s ID and password, or identity theft by a third party.

Pricing and Availability

Product Name

Suggested Retail Price (Tax excl.)


Fujitsu Thin Client FUTRO S740

From AUD $598.00

Available to order now

 Glossary and Notes

1. VESA mount: This refers to the Flat Display Mounting Interface. It is a standardised mount system that defines features such as the location and size of metal fittings and screw holes, in order to mount the back of a flat-screen display to some sort of support, such as a wall or arm stand.

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