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Make more sales – leverage effective sales lead generation on the iTWire newsletter Featured

iTWire’s UPDATE Newsletter is an EDM or Electronic Direct Mail. It offers an ideal advertising opportunity to reach Australia’s top IT&T decision makers and is delivered to 76,500+ readers twice a day – morning and afternoon.

The Newsletter delivers great exposure and strong click throughs, with the key advertisements regularly achieving 120 click throughs per EDM, an example of which is updated twice daily here.

It is one of our most popular Sales Lead Generation offerings, and as such it is a solid performer to create leads and new business opportunities for your products and services.

All advertisements are clickable and have strong advertising messages for your product to promote click throughs which are provided to our clients in a formal report.

The Newsletter adverts complement our other lead generation products on the iTWire News Site, where we promote and advertise our customers content, blogs, social media, adverts, sponsored news stories, whitepapers, product reviews, interviews and video interviews.

Newsletter Advertisement options

Media Kit Specifications

• Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) 600 x 900px
• Newsletter Leaderboard 483 x 90px
• Newsletter Medium Rectangle 33 x 250px
• Mini Tower 222 x 500px
• Small Rectangle 222 x 222px
• Editor Intro Advert position Buy-out, 100% yours 222 x 100px

Here’s an example of an ad in the EDM Mass Mailer – see below for another example

The Editor’s Introduction to the Newsletter

Each Newsletter lists the most important stories of the morning or afternoon edition and contains two prime ad placements as you can see below.

iTWire Advertising Media Kit

Our Media Kit is available upon enquiry, and we can walk you through all the options and costings. Campaigns start from $5,500 for a comprehensive all advert formats campaign - contact Andrew Matler, Editor in Chief or on 0412 390 000

To assist you to advertise in the iTWire Update Newsletter, we will work with you to discuss graphics, the call to action, the very, very important landing page and pre-campaign consultation from one of our Digital Strategists, which will also continue throughout the campaign.

For a Newsletter discussion, we look forward to a phone conversation to discuss options. We are sure you will find that valuable, and you will see why we are very proud of our competitive advantage.

About iTWire

iTWire is Australia's most read independent technology news source, and has 76,500+ subscribers to its daily IT&T newsletter. Our readers are the top IT and Telecommunications people in Australia, as we are a powerful source of top-line IT&T news and information for our community of industry professionals.

iTWire puts tech news and developments from around the globe into perspective, covering all the important sectors of IT&T in Australia and globally, with a strong emphasis on government.

Our award-winning team of writers have earned a reputation for providing hard-hitting, insightful commentary and critical analysis of the business of technology, including corporate performance and developments, new product and service offerings, industry trends and government and public sector policies.

Contact for Sponsored News & Sponsored Content, News, Events or Advertising

Andrew Matler Editor in Chief & CEO or mobile 0412390000

For urgent advertising campaigns, events or immediate  Sponsored News Press Releases postings. Payment by Credit Cards only (Visa & Mastercard).


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