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How To Drive Business Growth Through Intelligent Automation

According to AlphaBeta, intelligent automation is expected to deliver up to $2.2 trillion in economic benefits to Australia by 2030. Not only that, but automation has been cited to be the single most considerable opportunity to grow Australia’s wellbeing in decades.  

We’ve long known the benefits of robotic process automation, but intelligent automation takes machine learning a step further as it learns and adapts to achieve more than RPA ever could.

So how do we look beyond robotic process automation to harness the power of intelligent automation and recognise these benefits?

It’s a question on the lips of top executives around the globe, and The Intelligent Automation Summit 2018 attempts to shed light on the topic, showcasing in-depth case studies and best practice presentations.

Held across 3 days in September, including a two-day conference and 3 workshops, Intelligent Automation Summit looks at the impact automation can have on business.

According to Thoughtonomy, intelligent automation can reduce production time by 90%, free up 30% of your workforce to focus on other value-add tasks and achieve 100% accuracy of processes.

It’s benefits like this that made Tim Johnson, Head of Insurance Operations at Suncorp turn to intelligence tools to enhance big data decision making.

Speaking at the Intelligent Automation Summit, Tim will cover how to apply machine learning as a correlation engine, make decisions using blended intelligence tools, use cognitive automation and RPA to make decisions based on big data, and how to effectively employ intelligent automation to inform trends and patterns.

Presenters at the Summit include Dutta Satadip, Global Head of Customer Operations at Pinterest, Gary O’Brien, Head of Product and Change Management for BNP Paribas, and Julie Bolton, Robotic Process Automation Developer at Heritage Bank.

The Intelligent Automation Summit will cover a range of topics, including:

Exploring innovative and forward-thinking automation technology

  •     How to streamline process efficiency through intelligent automation
  •     Understanding the practical business applications of machine learning
  •     Exploring the trends and future of AI in business operations
  •     Mastering RPA deployment to build a pipeline for future cognitive tools
  •     Learning to harness the power of intelligent automation as a decision-making tool

The Intelligent Automation Summit runs from 3 to 6 September at L’Aqua Dockside, Sydney. ITWire readers save 15% using offer code ITWIRE15

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