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With the Australian ISDN drawing to a close, why should companies look to SIP as the best strategy for implementing business voice?

It might seem a long way off, but the eventual shut down of the Australian ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) will be here sooner than you think. By 2022 Telstra will discontinue supporting its ISDN products due to the supporting technologies and platforms nearing the end of their lifetime.

As the NBN continues to roll out across the country, what should businesses be doing in preparation for the switch?

What Services Will Be Switched Off?

ISDN is a digital network technology that carries voice and data services over the public switched telephone network.

Telstra will cease the sale of ISDN2, ISDN2 Enhanced, ISDN10/20/30, DDS Fastway, Megalink and Frame Relay products by 30th June 2018, with a final disconnection date expected by 2022 which is when the products will no longer exist.

While businesses using these products can expect plenty of early warning leading up to the exit, the clock is definitely ticking for companies relying on ISDN to find an alternative solution.

Thankfully, a solution exists and it is cheaper and more efficient than ISDN. SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) the technology that enables voice over IP, is the future of business voice.

How To Make The Move From ISDN To IP Voice

A SIP Trunk is the digital equivalent of a traditional phone line. A SIP Trunk needs to connect to a PBX – a device that provides the brains behind the phone system that enables multiple users to share lines. You will need to decide whether to host your PBX in the cloud or at your premises. Learn more about cloud Hosted PBX options, or use this article to help you decide which PBX model is right for you.

The Advantages Of IP Voice Over ISDN

SIP offers a number of key advantages over ISDN, which are covered in greater detail in a report available for download, 6 Major Advantages IP Voice has over ISDN. One of the major components, and directly relatable when switching from ISDN, is the ability to deliver HD calls (ISDN quality or better) over a converged voice and data network service.

Download the free report now.

The VoIP Quality Myth

One of the biggest myths surrounding VoIP technology is that the quality is not up to the standard of ISDN. This popular misconception is in large part due to the nature of the Internet being a big, unsecured and unregulated interconnection of traffic.

Voice services can suffer when the latency high or bandwidth is restricted. These issues are easily overcome by using an appropriate connection at your office; high speed fibre optic connections are able to offer immense bandwidth while maintaining incredibly low latency, ideal for voice traffic.

Transferring voice over the Internet will always introduce risk, as the public connection cannot be monitored and controlled. That is why, at Over the Wire, we converge our private data networks with our voice platform. This enables us to apply Quality of Service (QoS) rules onto managed routers ensuring voice traffic has the highest priority on the network, and that it is delivered directly to our voice core – never leaving our infrastructure or traversing the public Internet before reaching the telephony network.

What To Do Next

With the imminent cessation of ISDN, switching to sophisticated SIP technology should be a business priority. At Over the Wire, our solutions unite voice, data and security through a single, end-to-end service provider. We can help organisations of any size achieve a higher level of productivity.

We offer a free bill analysis of the cost and benefits of your current business voice system and can advise if there is room for improvement.

To find out more, reach out to a member of the Over the Wire team today.

About Over the Wire

Over the Wire (ASX:OTW) is a Telecommunications and IT solution provider, specialising in converged voice and data networks, data centres, and hosted infrastructure solutions for corporate clients. We are a service provider with a difference; our voice and data network services leverage our MPLS core network spanning from Perth to Auckland, and complement our cloud, data centre hosting, and IT managed services capabilities, to not only give businesses an alternative, but an end-to-end solution partner to work with, and to look after their IT communications needs, with support available 24 hours a day. Learn more about us by calling on 1300 689 689 or visiting us at https://overthewire.com.au/


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