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VideoProc – The Fastest 4K Video Editing Tool with GPU Hardware Acceleration

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VideoProc: a very fast way to edit and convert video files, audio and more, including 4K with GPU acceleration

If you ever wanted the equivalent of a 4K video editing "Swiss Army Knife" program, VideoProc can convert any video to just about any other format, including DVDs, do the same for audio, download videos from the web, record your screen and more, including super fast 4K video conversion.

Every now and then, you come across some great software for your PC or Mac that can solve real-world problems you have likely faced with your digital media.

If you have a smartphone, GoPro, DSLR camera or other device that can record 4K videos, you've probably realized that the resulting recordings are in crystal clear quality, but can take up huge amounts of space on your phones, tablets and computers.

If you then try converting 4K videos to another file format, or to shrink them in size, this can end up being a very slow process with either the built-in 4K video editing programs your computer has, or ones that you download from the Internet.

Even those that do offer some kind of acceleration can sometimes seem to just not be that fast, and that's where VideoProc comes in.


VideoProc uses the special graphics 4K video processing units inside your Nvidia, AMD or Intel-based graphics cards, which can dramatically speed up the conversion and editing process of 4K videos by huge amounts, so much so that you'll wonder why you never knew about VideoProc before and why it will be your first choice forever more - you can read about the benefits of GPU acceleration in 4K video conversion here.

VideoProc 4K Video Conversion Speed Test:

Test 1:
Indeed, I recorded a simple one minute and six second video at 4K 30fps resolution on my iPhone and moved it to my Mac, in HEVC format at 3840x2160 resolution, using AAC for the audio format. Converting this to a H.264 MP4 file with AAC for audio at 1920x1080 format took two minutes and 22 seconds without any hardware acceleration turned on.

I then turned on the GPU hardware acceleration, and the same conversion process took 25 seconds! That's one sixth of the time for the exact same file, which is incredible.

Test 2:
Another example was taking the same file and converting it from the iPhone's .MOV HEVC format in 4K to an H.264 MP4 file format, while keeping it at the same 4K resolution of 3840x2160.

With GPU acceleration on in the VideoProc app, this process took 37.09 seconds. With GPU acceleration off, meaning all 4K video conversion was done by the CPU, the same process took eight minutes and forty four seconds, with my CPU fan blasting away and making a lot of noise, and causing my computer to become slow when doing other tasks.

This means 47 times real-time faster video processing, file optimization up to 90% smaller, faster speeds without compromising quality, lowered CPU usage down to 40% while working with all recent computers.


VideoProc makes a massive difference - I'll take 37.09 seconds any day over a much longer eight minutes, and this is just for a video that's a minute in length. Imagine the time savings when you're talking about much longer video files. Time equals money, as they say, and you'll be saving a lot of both.

Bear in mind that this is on a MacBook Air, too, with an Intel CPU and GPU. Nvidia and AMD GPUs are far more powerful and should do the job even faster!

See this quick video for more information - the article continues with special free download link below!

VideoProc - Full GPU Accelerated 4K Video Processing Software [Mac & PC]

Now, it's important to note that VideoProc is capable of so much more than just converting 4K videos to different formats.

VideoProc has a built-in 4K video editor that lets you edit, cut, trim, merge, resize, rotate, flip, enhance and adjust videos, as well as converting formats, with 370 input codecs and 420+ output formats, as wells compressing video.

You even get professional-grade options to fix footage, deshake, denoisecorrect lens distortion, and so on.

The 4K editing tools are clearly not going to be at the same high level that you'd find in Final Cut X or Adobe Premiere Pro CC, but for the everyday video editing tasks we mere mortals want and need to easily share videos, convert them and make our own videos to share on social media and elsewhere, the included features are exactly what you need.

In addition, VideoProc is especially skilled at processing 4K videos with 60fps/120fps/240fps, large-sized videos, high speed videos shot with 120fps/240fps and slow-mo videos, as well as 3D and 360°VR videos, which is quite a skill set - with more info on the editing capabilities.

And those conversion possibilities? Just a tiny handful are HEVC H.265 to H.264, MKV to iPhone/MP4, AVI to YouTube, 3D to 2D. What videos do you have that you wish you could convert to another format - and fast?

The interface is effortlessly easy to use, too - you're presented with Video, DVD, Downloader and Recorder.

The DVD icon lets you backup DVDs in six modes, rip a full DVD to over 420 formats to play on Macs, PCs and mobiles, store on your hard drive, enjoy on a TV, tablet or elsewhere, and you can run a full DVD in just five minutes!

The Downloader lest you download videos from YouTube and 1000+ other sites. Convert those videos to MP4 files, extract the audio and save them as MP3s or other formats. Moreover, it supports downloading video playlists.

Finally, the Recorder option lets you record you screen, webcam or your iPhone. Capture live streams, games, your desktop and anything in MOV for YouTube, and you can even record your screen and webcam at the same time - perfect for gamers who want to show their skills and themselves talking at the same time, or for those making tutorial videos, or other uses.

If you need a lightweight and user-friendly video editing software to edit videos without freezing and crashing, and without a huge learning curve, then VideoProc is ready and waiting for you.

So, what does it all cost? Well, you can get a lifetime license for one computer for US $35.95, which is a big discount off the normal price of US $78.90 and this will allow you to get free upgrades for life, every time there is a new version.

You can also get a one year license for US $29.95, but this doesn't make sense when a lifetime license is only US $6 more.

However, if you're not ready to commit just yet, you can download the current version 3.3 and use ALL of the features freely - no trial limitations - and it's free of charge!

Get this Easy 4K Video Editor for free> 

The catch is that this only entitles you to the current version. If there are upgrades, which enable the software to work faster, or deal with changes YouTube might have made to the downloading video process, or any other updates, then the free version won't allow you to upgrade.

But you'll still be able to use the existing features, and if you're impressed by them, then hopefully you'll consider buying one of the upgraded versions and enjoying the lifetime upgrade benefits. Either way, it's a great deal!

I've personally been impressed by VideoProc's capabilities, and the included features definitely solve a few problems that many of us dealing with modern digital media and streaming sites have experienced, and with VideoProc's ease of use, those problems can definitely be solved. Give VideoProc a go yourself and see what you think!

Tech specs:

VideoProc is for PCs and Macs running Windows 7 or later, and macOS 10.6 or later, requiring just 200MB of disk space, and needing a 1Ghz Intel or AMD processor or better, with 1GB RAM minimum, and 2GB or better recommended.

Supported GPUs for Hardware Acceleration Tech are Nvidia GeForce GT 630 or higher, AMD Radeon HD 7700, HD 7790 VCE 2.0 or higher, and Intel HD Graphics 2000 or higher, so just about any computer from the last few years can benefit from GPU accelerated speeds, with full tech specs for VideoProc here

You can also find a full and very easy to understand manual guide for the Windows and Mac version here:


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