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Thursday, 31 March 2016 16:46

Cars that know you better than you know yourself Featured


Ford’s new SYNC MoodTech changes the way drivers and vehicles interact linking driver and vehicle like never before.

Ford’s Australian Future Technologies Team is launching a world first – a wearable called SYNC MoodTech that connects to any SYNC2 and SYNC3 equipped vehicle. It will automatically change vehicle settings and controls based on the wearer’s detected mood.

Ford lead inventor, Dir Jim Sweat, said,” Its much like a fitness band. SYNC MoodTech monitors a wearer’s body temperature as well as using cameras to track eye movement and feeds this information into the vehicle. Before even the driver is aware of their changing mood, the vehicle manipulates both the in-cabin experience and the responsiveness of the accelerator and brake units, to maintain or return a driver to their optimum mood.”

This industry-first innovation can detect Mood-Ions within the pulse, giving the vehicle a deeper understanding and more accurate ability to predict the wearer’s mood. Mood-Ions are rated on a spectrum allowing the vehicle to implement the necessary changes. Ford has patented the technology and anticipates interest from and collaboration with the broader technology industry to implement it beyond the automotive sector.

Ford’s SYNC MoodTech program, developed by the Broadmeadows based Future Technologies Team will be introduced across Asia-Pacific, Europe and North American Markets from mid-2017.

“It is an exciting time for mobility, an exciting time for drivers and an exciting time for Australian based innovators,” Sweat said. “We were inspired by the boom of autonomous technology and personal fitness devices, combining them to create an experience like no other seemed like the perfect fit. For us, driver and passenger safety and comfort is at the forefront, driven by our Go Further mantra to innovate the way we move.”

SYNC MoodTech Spectrum:

Blue – At Ease (optimal happy mood)

Purple – Fatigue

C=Crimson – Heart Broken

Aqua - Karaoke

Amber - Hungry

Brown – Confused

White - Vanity


Red – Agitated

SYNC MoodTech Actions Examples:

  • Heart Break: When the device senses Heart Break Ions, the vehicle will automatically search the SYNC connected smartphone and play upbeat music tracks with a BPM 110 and higher. Also all calls, texts from the Heart Breaker are blocked through the SYNC ‘Do Not Disturb’ function while the vehicle will text the driver’s best friend and suggest a surprise call, gift or outing to lift the driver’s mood back to optimal At Ease Ions. 
  • Karaoke: When the device senses Karaoke Ions, the vehicle will automatically engage Reverse Active Noise Cancellation Technology. The technology works to hold the internal cabin noise of the driver singing inside the vehicle ensuring no one outside the vehicle can hear. Mood lighting will also activate and run through all colour shades, to resemble a nightclub when it sensed the wearer wanted to belt out a tune. The vehicle will pull over to the side of the road allowing the wannabe diva to go crazy momentarily. SYNC will also be able to record the audio into an exportable mp3 file format.
  • Hungry: When the device senses Hunger Ions, the vehicle will automatically engage the Navigation system and activate the system’s ‘I’m Hungry’ functionality which will bring up a list of local eateries and drive thru options. Also in selected Ford vehicles, there will be options to have the glove box retrofitted with a convection oven, which will only activate when Hunger Mood Ions are detected. Pies, bread, cake, meatloaf just to name a few of the ready to bake treats available.

“This takes the humble mood ring into the 21st century and adds functionality that consumers want and need beyond knowing if they are happy or not.”

About Sweat:

  • Since 2007 has lead the ‘secret’ Future Technologies Team for Ford Asia Pacific based out of the Broadmeadows Product Development Hub in Melbourne.
  • Joined Ford in 1992 directly out of university as part of the Ford Graduate Program
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering (Electronics & Communications) and a PhD (Global, Urban & Social Studies) from Royal Technology University of Adelaide, as well as a Degree in Exercise Science.

Significantly Ford has released this information on 1/4/16.


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