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President Barack Obama achieved notoriety in BlackBerry-loving circles because he loved his handheld so much he insisted he continue to use it in office, despite…
Adobe's first quarterly update for Acrobat and Reader addresses a baker's dozen of vulnerabilities. But Unix users will have to wait until next week for…
June's Patch Tuesday release from Microsoft addresses more vulnerabilities than there are days in the month. And this time, Mac users needn't feel left out.
At least two of the security flaws addressed in the release version of Safari 4.0 can be used to attack Safari 3.x. Proofs of concept…
Does a zero-day hacker have the death of one man and one hundred thousand websites on his or her conscience today?
Tuesday, 09 June 2009 17:59

Gary McKinnon's suicidal hacker defence

Facing up to 70 years in a US prison, self-confessed NASA hacker Gary McKinnon is now getting desperate as extradition beckons.
Salmat is claiming a first for the Australian life insurance and wealth management industry with deployment of its VeSecure voice biometric capability by the Australian…
Tuesday, 09 June 2009 15:58

Telstra ups funding for foundation

Telstra’s showing its caring, philanthropic face during Australia’s national e-security awareness week with an announcement today that it is doubling funding to its Telstra Foundation…
Safari 4.0 delivers a laundry list of security fixes. Many of them are Windows-specific, but that still leaves plenty that also apply to Mac OS…
Microsoft's planning to release ten new security bulletins next Tuesday, along with an update to finish a job started in May. But there's still a…



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