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OLED, OLED, OLED – LG’s new 65” EF950T is awesome (review) Awesome colour and blacks, every feature you can imagine, all in LG’s new flat screen, 4K, OLED TVs.
TEAC FreeviewPLus set top box (review) TEAC’s new HBBTS1 Set Top Box (STB) adds FreeviewPlus Catch-Up to any TV, Recorder, or PC monitor.
R5, R3 and the 'baby' R1 The R1 is the baby in Samsung’s new wireless speaker range. It is an excellent introduction to the music everywhere – multi-room - concept.
Review: Vikings Series 3 Blu-ray Those blood-thirsty Norse-men and women are back for a third series with increased politics and intrigue as Ragnar Lothbrok attempts to consolidate his throne.
The Martian is out of this world To say that the movie “The Martian’ rockets to the top of the charts is perhaps an understatement. It has a brilliant concept, plot, director,…
UE Booms twice (review) Ultimate Ears (a Logitech company) has released the UE Boom 2 – it is 25% louder, has a longer 15-hour battery, greater 30M Bluetooth range,…
Review + VIDEOS: UE Megaboom, portable Bluetooth with booming bass The market for portable Bluetooth speakers has never been hotter, with many varieties in retail, from the cheap and cheerful, the average and awful, and the…
Review: Vikings Series 2 Blu-ray More rampaging, more pillaging, less horns.  The Vikings return for another season of raiding.
Alien – 35th Anniversary Blu-ray box set In space nobody can hear you scream, but thankfully this planet has an atmosphere that can convey audio content from our home entertainment system to…
Review: Bruce Schneier's "Carry on" Schneier's second anthology brings his many pearls of wisdom into a single volume.

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