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Jump start your car – Laser Power Bank 6000 (review)

Laser’s Power Bank 6000 — the ultimate emergency battery — comes with a set of 12V jumper leads that will provide 400 Amps, just enough to jump start your car. And it will power your USB devices as well.

My wife's vehicle is now six years old and it has, sorry had, its original battery until it let us down last week. Fortunately, I recalled that I had yet to review Laser’s 6000mAh Emergency Power Bank and it works as advertised – we were up and running in seconds, if only because it comes pre-charged.

Laser 6000 car battery

It uses long life lithium-ion cells so it will retain more than 75% charge after six months in the boot. Laser recommend topping it up every six months or so.

It also comes with a 12V cigarette lighter adaptor that will output 5V/1A to charge the Power Bank that comes from the alternator during use. Normal recharge should be via a 5V/2A micro-USB charger and takes about one hour for a recharge. One charge will jump start a vehicle once.

The unit also has a LED light (on/SOS/flashing) that will last for up to 120 hours and four power indicators show charge status.

I tested it on a variety of USB devices – GPS, tablets, and smartphones and it delivered up to 2.1A as required from the USB-A port. Impressively it powered and charged a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 while being used as a GPS – this takes a lot of power. It comes with a cable/adapter for Apple/Lightning and micro-USB.

Laser have comprehensive instructions — as if they are needed — on the website and perhaps the best advice is to ensure that ancillary things like lights, radio, and air conditioning are turned off before you try the jump start.

At A$79.95 it may be a life saver.

 Laser 6000 package 


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