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Jobs and Schmidt chum up over coffee at ex-Googler's café


Gizmodo has posted pics of two of the world's tech titans, Apple's Steve Jobs and Google's Eric Schmidt, casually chatting over cups of coffee at a cute little café that belongs to Google's former chef-in-chief, Charlie Ayers - cor!

Despite the raging smartphone battle - and impending tablet battle - between Apple and Google, Steve Jobs and former Apple board member (and Google CEO) Eric Schmidt have been snapped slurping and chit-chatting over coffee at an outdoors table of a local coffee house.

Two pics are available to view at the US Gizmodo site, which was first to publish the pics courtesy of one of its readers, with the interesting tid-bit of news that the café in question is owned by Google's former chef, Charlie Ayers.

Gizmodo's tipster overheard some of the chatter between the two CEOs, with Jobs apparently doing most of the talking and Schmidt doing most of the listening.

The tipster also had a good pair of ears, and while he or she didn't seem to have the sense to turn on their phone's voice or video recorder, despite having the sense to take photos, a couple of lines of the alleged banter was overheard and memorised.

Gizmodo's tipster says that Jobs enthusiastically said: "They're going to see it all eventually so who cares how they get it', which was apparently about web content of some kind, and then after realising that their private little meeting was no longer so private, Jobs is alleged to have said: "Let's go discuss this somewhere more private."

Quite why the meeting was done in so public a manner, on a sidewalk where anyone could easily recognise the two tech titans is unclear, with some wondering if it was all a publicity stunt to elicit the two even more free publicity than their respective companies already generate just by being.

There was also speculation that an iPad like object on the table between the two was indeed an iPad, but further revelations by Gizmodo's tipster has revealed something less magical and revolutionary - it turns out the supposed iPad was naught but an actual menu.

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Of course, everyone knows that the cooler and more cashed-up café's of the future will be using iPads as actual menus through some kind of upcoming iMenu app, with prices able to be modified on the fly through push notification technology or that connected interwebby thingy everyone's using these days.

Whatever the true purpose of the meeting, it certainly has everyone talking, but unless the whole thing was a bit of stunt designed to attract this kind of attention, Jobs and Schmidt might decide that going somewhere 'more private' might be the better option, next time.

Otherwise some super stealthy types will more subtly video record any future such event and upload it to YouTube for all to see and hear.

Given Apple's super strict iSecrecy over everything until it launches (and even then), there's no way Jobs would want an unauthorised recording of this kind of special CEO to CEO meeting to ever wend it way over to YouTube.

So this may well be our last chance for quite some time to see the curious world of the super CEOs in action, but in the unlikely event that anyone ever does see Jobs and Schmidt around town again, perhaps they'll take some video next time as well, and not just photos!



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