Red Hat OpenStack platform 12 imminent, paves way for Kubernetes in platform 13 Enterprise Linux vendor Red Hat is poised to release its OpenStack Platform 12. It’s the first step in a longer vision to ultimately deploy via…
OpenStack adoption surges, showing open source role in enterprise multi-cloud strategy Independent recent surveys conducted by five organisations demonstrate accelerated OpenStack adoption as enterprises increasingly favour multi-cloud strategies.
OpenStack to tackle open source integration The OpenStack Foundation today announced its plan to overcome what it says is the hardest problem in open source today: integrating and operating open source…
Make your own encrypted chat server CryptoAUSTRALIA is running a workshop on 5 July to help you build your own end-to-end encrypted chat server ... while you still can.
iTWire shows Linux Australia the right way to host a server An iTWire article appears to have resulted in Linux Australia seeing the folly of not having proper arrangements in place for hosting its website.
Linux Australia hosting woes to continue under current mindset Last month, the Linux Australia secretary, Sae Ra Germaine, posted to the publicly-available Linux-aus mailing list that the organisation's website had been disrupted due to…
Become a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer for free Red Hat's developer program is normally $99, but is now free - allowing you to register as a Red Hat developer at no cost.
.NET on Red Hat Enterprise Linux sneak peak on April 12 Red Hat will hold a two hour webinar on April 12th 2016 to give a behind-the-scenes head-start look at .NET on RHEL.
Microsoft to announce Bash on Linux on Windows Is Microsoft's newfound love of all things Linux extending to the command-line?

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